Democrats Go Too Far…Lose Key GOP Senator In Impeachment Sham

100%FedUp: The Democrat impeachment sham looked like it was gaining momentum on Tuesday. Reports were coming out from various sources that Senators Murkowski (AL), Collins (MA), Romney (UT) Toomey (PA), Tillis (NC), and Gardner (CO) were planning to do what many of them do best, side with Democrats against their own party in an effort to harm President Trump and his pro-America agenda.

Not so fast…

Red State is reporting that after an initial sign of momentum in the direction of Democrats to subpoena Bolton, Chuck Schumer just lost a major swing vote on the matter. Cory Gardner was one of the five members who were expected to possibly vote with Democrats (along with Collins, Murkowski, Romney, and possibly Toomey) to call witnesses. Now, he’s saying that he’s done here. read more

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  1. It will be interesting to see how many Republicans the democRATs can buy with money, dirt or both! Now if that dumb bastard John Kasich were in the Senate the dems would only have to promise him a cookie to turn him!

  2. These rotten, no good, TRAITOROUS BASTARDS rinos will only be sealing their fate with a vote against quick acquittal. They may gain a brief period of democrat adoration but it will be a bitter end for them.

  3. You know that miserable C*cksucker Willard will vote for witnesses, he’s still butt-hurt he didn’t get the cushy job the backstabbing bastard wanted.

  4. there are several D’rats that might jump ship …. Manchin (WV), Sinema (AZ), & I forgot the other one … oh, Jones (AL)

    Sinema & Jones are up for re-election

  5. Sinema seems to be a wild card that very few of us saw coming. I kind of like her for her willingness to go her own way. I don’t think I’d vote for her, but I would damn sure trade one of my two senators for her! Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. We really suck here in Washington!

  6. Please, please PLEASE do not identify Murkowski [RINO, HAG] as being from AL. It’s AK! Let those Alaska losers twist in the wind after electing her by write-in. Heck, we wouldn’t even let her serve us at an IHOP here in Alabama ;>}

  7. Please, please PLEASE do not identify Murkowski [RINO, HAG] as being from AL. It’s AK! Let those Alaska losers twist in the wind after electing her by write-in. Heck, we wouldn’t even let her serve us at an IHOP here in Alabama ;>}

  8. Collins and Romney have said they’re voting for witnesses. Alexander said no. No other traitors except for that Alaska hag and she says she’s going to think about it overnight and will have her decision tomorrow.

    If she does what she does best, that’s a 50-50 tie without any democrats. Some are saying rules say a tie means no witnesses. Others are saying the rule states Roberts can break the tie.

    Those Utah Mormons are pretty damn stupid to vote for a damn carpet bagger, they get what they deserve, but it pisses me off they punished the rest of the country with this loser.

  9. This Senate trial is wholly based on an illegitimate impeachment. Pelosi did not call for a vote of the entire House to proceed. Period. Why wasn’t this rejected by the Senate in the first place?! And now they’re haggling over votes to bring in witnesses????!!! What. The. Hell?!

    Are we ready to storm the Swamp yet? Or are we waiting for an engraved invitation?

  10. Good God, Alaska is AK not AL. Lots of us “Alaska losers” got shafted because the Dems saw exactly what to do with Joe Miller (smear like hell) and manipulate voters to go for the write-in queen who got her seat from daddy.

  11. Senator Lamar Alexander has declined to prolong the Shampeachment. Now, the Democrats are hoping that Chief Justice John Roberts will vote to break a 50-50 tie vote. That’s very unlikely. President Donald J. Trump has defeated the Swampers. Next, he’s going to defeat the Democrat-Socialist-Reparations-Illegal Aliens Party like Reagan beat Mondale. Their only hope is if President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton can convince the Creepy Porn Lawyer, Michael Avenatti, to run with her if he can get out of jail in time for the brokered convention. Then, the Macedonian Content Farmers can get to work.

  12. Charlie, sorry you got stuck with LisaLib. I have no doubt she had the Chicago democrat style help to “guaranty” her win. Here’s to hoping voter fraud is getting punished more frequently, and before November.

  13. @AbigailAdams
    The problem is they put us between a rock and a hard place and the bastards know it. 2 years ago I was determined I’d never vote for another one of them and I’m sure many others thought and did the same and then the demons got control of the House.
    We really all need recalls at least then we could hold that threat over their heads.

    I hate all the bastards, but Romney surpassed McConnell on my list and I didn’t think anyone could surpass McConnell.

  14. The trouble with Toomey is that the fumbledi*k Repubs in PA can’t find a decent conservative since they canned Santorum a while back. Instead we get these RINO arseholes (and highclass silver spoon-in-mouth Casey) as excuses for human beings and politicians. I’m sure Casey carries Schiffty’s lunchbox.

  15. Politicians are self-serving opportunists – by definition.

    There is (obviously) a well-established perception by them that TREASON is acceptable, both to the American people, and to the maggots with great masses of spendable cash. The Soroses of the world reward treason lavishly, as do the Bloombergs, the Steyers, the Koch Bros., and a host of others. As long as lying and plunder pay, there will be lying, plundering politicians. I have a sneaking suspicion that if we hanged the more egregious once in a while the others might curtail (or better disguise) their treasons and thefts.
    A Biden, or a Pelosi, or a Waters would do wonders for the rest of them.

    Really is a shame that the Secret State Police (FBI) no longer investigates corruption (at least by Demonrats).

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Lisa Murkowski (AK).

    Fix your article. Sheesh.

    PS — Mitt Romney is like a little turd that won’t flush, or a piece of gum stuck on the shoe sole.

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