Democrats, It’s Time We Had That Talk

OK, I’ll actually defer to Kurt Schlichter and let him explain to why the democrat party is going to take their socialist faction on a ride just like they did four years ago. It basically comes down to, they’re all idiots and deserve to be treated like simps. More

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  1. Are we going to have to do one of those “I am not a robot” things when we want to comment? This shit ^^^ is getting old.

  2. Marylcrumley you’re so full of shit I can smell It through cyberspace.
    The economy was fantastic under a year ago. Im betting you’re a pajama boy living in your moms basement.
    BTW joe wants to smell your hair.

  3. ^ You used to work for the Social Security Administration? 😀

    I, Jimmy, AM Making a ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from Home, which is amazing, because under a year ago I was RAKING IT IN AT WORK!! I thank God every day I was blessed with that working lifestyle and now it’s my duty to warn everyone NOT TO RETIRE! Go to work and reinforce your heart… And have a lovely daaaye.

  4. Russian bots unleashed by the Lizard Queen by Google..Google targets all conservative/Christian voices on the inter webs..

    The latest technique is to warn me “this site is not secure” they will stop at nothing to censor our free speech.

    It’s mostly TGP that gets squirrelly with page jumps but I usually get immediate ad redirects when I come to IOTW.

  5. Bernie is just the tool the dimwits use to express the dissatisfaction they have after experiencing a humiliating loss.
    They were gloating for eight years watching their elected icons use the tools of government to implement childish torments directed at their enemies as well as installing destructive social programs.
    These tantrums are to be expected, it’s what spoiled and overindulged brats do.

  6. We seem to be having more examples of that childish behavior I spoke of.
    “Last week I made bla bla bla and then spent it all at

  7. @gin blossom February 21, 2020 at 9:43 am

    > Last week I made bla bla bla and then spent it all at

    Hey! Hunter Biden’s got a demographic, too!


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