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Democrats Losing Pride In Being American

Since 2001 Gallup has been asking Americans “How proud are you to be an American?” This year for the first time those responding “extremely” fell below 50 percent.

At least that’s the story you’re going to be reading this holiday from the MSM. If you go to Gallup itself you’ll see that its democrats who are rejecting their own country in record numbers. Pride in America among those who self identify as republican has only increased since 2016. Here

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  1. Don’t like it LEAVE! Mexico, Canada and Europe are your cup of tea. STOP screwing up America.

  2. Naturalized citizen-came here in 1953-spoke no english then but learned day by day. Couldn’t pay me to leave and go back- the place makes me cry today- my sister’s-brother’s are there and wonder if i will come visit- sorry i tell them but i want to keep my head.
    ich bin deutsch but God bless the USA. 🙂

  3. Democrats Losing Pride In Being American but don’t mind all the benefits of being in America…Democrats should denounce their citizenship and move to Mexico or Canada where they’ll fit right in! But they won’t.. Democrats have become the party of National Socialists Thugs and Cowards!

  4. I’m proud to be an America. Not French, not British, not Australian, not Canadian, not anything but American. We invented the things that make modern life; and if we didn’t invent them, we perfected them and devised ways to make them available to everyone. Americans solve problems when they arise; the rest of the world looks to us to solve problems real or imaginary. We can kick anyone’s ass at any time, although to our credit we don’t use this power except when necessary. Despite the wailings of the left, we treat everyone equally. We are in the process of kicking corrupt politicians and bureaucrats out the door. We can say what we want. We create vast amounts of wealth for everyone – if we didn’t, illegal immigrants wouldn’t try to sneak into this country.

    Leftists are losers. They whine, bitch and moan about everything, and if there are no real problems, they make them up. They want us to be Eurocentric, although when European countries are in trouble they call us. They want socialism, which fails time and time again. We are in a time of peace and prosperity, but the loser leftists are praying for recession and war so they can be relevant again. Leftists hate freedom despite the fact that we became the nation we are because of personal freedom.

    So yeah, I’m proud to be American.

  5. The Tubes had a great song:
    “I’m proud, to be an American
    I’m proud, wish every other kid could be one,
    We got:
    free religion
    rock and roll
    Standard oil
    Times Square
    Jimmy Darren
    Coco Wells and
    Smokey Bear

  6. Fuck the goddamn democrats… They’ll say whatever bullshit line they’re told to say from yeg central. All those fuckers do is falsely emote and spew canned rhetoric all goddamn day long. JFC… the fucking idiot psychopaths are incorrigible.

  7. Wyatt…A Million thumbs up on that post!!!

    I never falter in My Pride for America…even under the duress of

    the gay moslem preezy..I love this Country..

    and if the USA is so awful people why are still floating here from

    Cuba on rafts made from trash?

  8. Ya’ want to know what they are proud of? Well this blog has done an excellent job over the years of documenting the debauchery that illustrates what motivates and interests the modern Democrat. The Street Fair photo essays are particularly illuminating.

  9. Can’t lose what they never had.

    Weren’t they ALWAYS carping that the Europeans are more sophisticated, and diverse cultures are so interesting, and foreign windmills breed unicorns whose farts makes the oceans recede ????

  10. Even when the opposition is in power, those of us on the right fly flags and treat it with respect. ALWAYS. The Leftists, no matter who is in power, desecrate the flag by burning, stomping, ripping it, etc. That’s all you need to know about Leftists.

  11. the tens is not current IT IS PAST TENSE. Ronnie said in ’60 he left “the Party” because it stopped being American. Everything I have seen the last 58 years confirms his statement.
    the “leadership” of “The pParty” started not being proud of America in the 50’s. OVER 60 YEARS AGO.

    Naming names- a very incomplete, partial list: Sam Rayburn, J. W. McCormack, B. Byrd (of KKK fame)…


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