Democrats’ New Hope

” Beto resonates as authentically cool… “

12 Comments on Democrats’ New Hope

  1. What tribe does Beto belong to? My guess is the Hollywood Communistas. Texans need to take care of business.

  2. Vietvet, watch Beto O’Rourke become R. F. O’Rourke next year. Just like John Effing Kerry, he’s got the initials and the perfect hair.

  3. “‘Tard Wars – A New Dope”
    If not for a lackluster performance by Cruz in his first term, Roboto wouldn’t merit a campaign.
    Get off your ass, Ted.

  4. Cruz spent a lot of time, energy, and money chasing the Republican Presidential nomination instead of taking care of Texas-related bidness, and of course Beet-o nailed him on it in their debate.


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