Democrats’ November Strategy: Worry, Don’t Be Happy

Legal Insurrection:

On June 29, 2020, I urged people Don’t fall for Operation Demoralize:

We are in the middle of another Operation Demoralize. It happens every national election. This time it’s early, only June.

The media swarms and lies. Tells you it’s over, wants you to give up. Happens every single time.

If anything, Operation Demoralize has picked up steam in the past two weeks to negate good economic data and rising consumer sentiment. May and June employment gains were far better than forecast, and the unemployment rate dropped sharply. more here

8 Comments on Democrats’ November Strategy: Worry, Don’t Be Happy

  1. The question is simply this, is the quality of your life right now better than when Trump took office?

    If it is, how and why is it that way?

  2. I can’t wait for their ‘virtual convention’ where Biden remotely addresses the conventioneers (also absent) from his basement.

    I’m sure the networks will characterize it as the best thing since Barack Obama.

  3. The only way to end the insanity is to get every damn democrat out of office. I no longer even care how.

  4. That running a campaign based on fear and anger is considered even remotely successful, tells you just how f*cked up the democrat party and its zombie constituents are.


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