Democrats Refuse To Applaud America Putting Its Own Citizens First

DailyCaller: Democrats refused to stand and applaud President Donald Trump’s call for America to “put its own citizens first” at his first address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night.

Speaking of the voting revolution that resulted in his election win, Trump said the people who voted for him were united by a demand that politicians put the country first when making decisions. “Finally, the chorus became an earthquake,” he said of the voters who swept him into office in November, “and the people turned out by the tens of millions.”

“And they were all united by one very simple, but crucial demand, that America must put its own citizens first,” he continued. “Because only then can we truly make America great again.”

Republicans immediately stood and cheered Trump’s call, but Democrats…

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  1. Every grumpy, harrumphing thing they did last night was planned in advance. Up to and including the “And as soon as he’s done let’s all get up and walk out at the same time! Yeah! That’ll show ’em!!”

    They made fools of themselves.

  2. The Dums performed like petulant little brat kids. America noticed. They screwed the pooch on this one.

    I hope they continue their tantrum. They’re not smart enough to realize it’s time to trade in the shovel for a ladder.

  3. Although our “side of the aisle” cheered and applauded, they still have much work to do to assure me that they really agree with the President and they will make America-first decisions. I don’t trust a lot of them, starting with Ryan and McConnel

  4. @ERB – my thoughts exactly. The dems remained true to form; they can be isolated and marginalized just as their own playbook calls. It’s the liberal sheep in wolves’ clothing that Trump has to beware of.

  5. The sworn enemies of America were on very public display last night and they reveled in their public display of despicable behavior

  6. Joe Manchin broke from the socialists early and often. I hope that WVa appreciates him.
    The Demonrats (socialists) are no longer inhibited from showing their contempt for God, America, American values, and the American people – and perhaps more Americans will awaken to the dangers inherent in the socialist/totalitarian approach.

    God Bless America.
    God Bless President Trump.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. What a disgrace, the filthy Democrat whores had the audacity to wear white to an official and formal public event. They should all have a scarlet W branded on their foreheads!

  8. I can only imagine what the main stream media and the democrats (but I repeat myself) reaction would have been if the Republicans had acted this badly at one of Obama’s SOTU speeches. Today they would be labeled racists, un-American, there would be calls for members to resign…you know the rest.
    To me it was a very educational speech. We now know that democrats are against: rebuilding America, creating jobs, lowering taxes, defeating ISIS, improving the education system, and helping the military and the veterans.
    I hope the average low info voter took notice of those things.

  9. The Republicans always put forth a very public display of unity and togetherness but in private they are a do nothing, foot-dragging, and back-stabbing bunch of wussies!

  10. Probably because the democrats have drilled individuals into thinking individual decisions are to blame for the collective society. For example, someone shoots someone and all guns need to be taken away. A poor mexican wants to come to the US so all mexicans should come to the US. Someone gets fat and we need to ban all sugar sodas. If you don’t recycle the plastic, climate change will kill us all. The list is endless. Traditional American individuals make America great and all the democrats want to do is ban them… Certainly not protect them.

  11. Why is that surprising? Democrats HATE America and everything it stands for. They’ve spent the last 8 years trying to tear it down or give it away.

  12. I noticed there was one democrat who stood up and cheered along with the republicans at several points, including when the president talked about the wall. He was way over on the far left side. Anyone know who he is?

  13. Tim wrote: “Joe Manchin broke from the socialists early and often.”

    What chance is there of Jumpin’ Joe switching parties? Like most pols, Manchin will do whatever it takes to keep Manchin in office. I doubt there’s much risk of him losing any re-election bid, so is there any benefit to him trading in his D for an R?

    The only scenario I can see is if the D party sinks so pitifully far left that Manchin would want to disassociate from the Ds, if only to save his job.

    WV, though small electorally, has dramatically swung from deep blue to blazing red. Thanks, Obama!

  14. spot on ERB.

    remember that every gov employee in that building is EXEMPT from barkycare.
    they all are the problem. as long as they get their perks, could care less about us rubes.

  15. Sweet, the Demonrats continue to demonstrate quite publicly why more American citizens should abandon their party, and they continue to sprint down the road to self destruction.

  16. Don’t want Joe Manchin in the GOP. He’s to much of a fork tongued snake, who doesn’t see the US Constitution as the ruling document of the nation.

    Do you not recall how as soon as he was in office he joined the gun restriction movement, essentially becoming Obama’s water boy carrying his Anti-gun message to TV each morning. He also voted to remove beastiality as violation of the UCMJ. Even J Rockefeller wasn’t dumb enough to vote for that. Anyway, Joe would be a RINO, though perhaps a little less enthusiastic one than J McCain or L Graham.

  17. In public, they sit on their hands and show ugly pouty faces! In private they actively conspire to emasculate the constitution and plot to turn the country into a third world socialist crap hole. The Democrat Party is the best funded, best organized and largest terrorist enabling organization in the world!

  18. The Dhimmicetans were at a disadvantage…
    during the Presidential speech last night,
    They were sitting on their brains which made physical movement nearly impossible.

  19. flip,
    WVa seems to be pretty schizophrenic. Elected Bobby Byrd (KKK) and Jay Rockefeller (NSDAP) while mining coal, cutting wood, carrying guns, &c. They seem to relish the hypocrisy of their elected officials. Old Joe Kennedy was able to buy off all the Sheriffs in WVa to get John elected in ’60. Seceded from Va during the Civil War but adheres to the socialist mindset and the party that brought about National disassociation.
    Don’t make sense, but there it is.

    izlamo delenda est …

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