Democrats reject backup plan to fund government if border talks fail

WaEX: Democrats are rejecting a backup proposal to temporarily fund the government if a broader border security deal falls through.

A senior Democratic aide said Monday that Democrats will not agree to a yearlong spending bill to keep the Homeland Security Department funded because Democrats believe it would allocate too much money for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and too much money for barriers along the southern border.

The opposition to such a plan might make it even more difficult for Congress to meet a Feb. 15 deadline to agree to some kind of spending deal that includes border security funding. Republicans are pushing for even more border security spending, including funds for a border wall, in the ongoing talks.

But with little progress in those talks and Democratic threats to spike the level-funding backup plan, the chances are rising again that a partial government shutdown will happen at the end of this week. With no deal by Friday, dozens of agencies and nine departments would partially shutter for the second time this year.

Democrats are saying specifically that they can’t agree to a continuing spending resolution unless it puts more limits on funding for ICE and a border barrier.  more here

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  1. I was talking yesterday with our new young minister, a SJW who moved from Oklahoma to more liberal lands. Although an SJW he is thoughtful and open to discussion. He mentioned something yesterday about the potential new shutdown and I replied cynically that since neither side would compromise there would certainly be another shutdown. He commented that frankly he understood the need for us to protect our borders, and that walls were a part of that. I countered in agreement that border protection requires a comprehensive solution, which is what this administration is working on. So even leftists, at those willing to allow themselves to think, are coming around.

  2. I think maybe we are missing the main objective, and maybe it has been discussed here. I don’t think it is about border security or the price of tea in China.
    It is about getting PDJT out of office. The swamp knows if he gets his wall he will win re-election. To prevent that “they” will stop at nothing to keep this border wall from happening.

    So when pundits talk about making a deal, if the deal means we have Trump till 2024 they will burn it down to prevent that.

  3. These are the same people who went apeshit today at the mere thought of stopping funding to Israel to ensure their border security. Seriously, the DNC leadership, in reality, gives away more of a fuck about Israel’s border security than US border security, by a wide fucking margin. So, how does that make Rep. Omar wrong about AIPAC money?

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    “No,” said David, “he works for Nancy Pelosi, but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids.”


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