Democrats release plan to make California public college free

California Political Review: California Democrats are making a push to offset the cost of higher education, releasing a sweeping plan to increase student aid that would be perhaps the most favorable in the nation for students – but one that may be unfavorable for the taxpayer.

“Lower-income students … are able to many times, through our great programs in California, get help to pay for tuition. But they’re still graduating with a tremendous amount of debt,” said Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento.

The plan, unveiled earlier this month, would cover not just tuition but living expenses as well, making it different from other similar proposals in states like New York.

“California is taking the boldest step in the nation for making college debt-free,” Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, said in a recent press conference.

The cost for the program would come at a price tag of $1.6 billion per year, phased in over five years, and would be paid for using money from the state’s General Fund, lawmakers say.  more here

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  1. Yeah but anyone with a job will not be able to take advantage of it and will have to pay the full cost of the tuition for everyone else! Oh and CA will expect us to contribute our “fair share” to it! Oh God! Where is the giant meteor to strike the heathen of California!

  2. Another brilliant transfer of wealth. So the middle class still can’t afford college. Only the rich and the poor can go.

  3. The quickest way to make something worthless; make it free, or produce it in mass quantities.

    Just like the US Dollar. Just wait ’till the planet abandons it as the reserve currency.

  4. If you think it is expensive now, wait until it is free.
    The entire education system, not just college, is nothing more than a make-work holdover from the last millennium.
    Nothing happens in a classroom that could not be done more efficiently with computer over the internet. Maybe a year or two at age 5, then again at age 18. Everything else is a waste of time and money.

  5. Make the colleges donate books, resources, and professors’time so that the education is truly free. Problem solved.

  6. I’d like to see them use more real world examples in funding. For example, specify the Hollywood liberal elite and how much they would have to pay each year to cover the costs: Barbra Streisand, Richard Dryfus, Rob Reiner, Norman Lear, etc.

    If the elites don’t pay their “fair share” how much would the average working family in California have to pay? Forget about the very rich, what would the load be on the average income and how much bigger would the bite get each year?

    Put some names and faces on the bottom line. If Barb doesn’t mind paying a hundred million every year then let her do so voluntarily but report it.

  7. The only free education Californians need is the education they aren’t getting or seeking. Take a knife and a pack of matches into the woods with nothing else and go survive for a week or two.

    They’ll need that more than anything when 37 million people try to rush out of the shit hole all at once.

  8. wow, I didn’t know Jerry Brown and company had so much extra cash laying around in the General fund, without knowing where to spend it. So does this mean they have the bucks to build that Hi-speed train to nowhere without fed funds???

  9. I’m sure it sounds selfish, but as a non-college educated working white male who pays his share of taxes, I would resent the state assuming that I would be happy to pay more for the college ed of any Calif dipshit who wants to attend. And also to subsidize the lifestyle of all the College profs & Administrators.

  10. How can there be money in the “general fund” for this boondoggle when they were just begging the federal government for money to fix their dams? Also wait until the first gen of college grads enters the workforce and finds out how much they are going to be paying in taxes for their “free college”. A student loan can be paid off. High taxes to pay for “free college” are forever.

  11. Eureka, it’s free!!! Money is free!!! The Democrats have invented free money!!! Eureka, the new gold rush is here everyone rush to California where everything is free!!! Eureka, no money needed it’s free!!! EUREKA!!!!!!

  12. It’s not free; nothing is free. The question is (a) who is going to pay for it, and (b) how? But someone will in fact pay for it.

  13. “The cost for the program would come at a price tag of $1.6 billion per year, phased in over five years, and would be paid for using money from the state’s General Fund, lawmakers say.”

    ROTFL!!! A “fund” has money in it.
    CA’s General Fund is a charge account that they’ve already maxed out and spent over their credit limit.

  14. I suggest economics 101 be a required course for all state representatives and senators. Where ya gonna get the money dumbasses

  15. Just gonna make college an extension of highschool. Learn nothing but siphon off tons of $ from the PRK victims otherwise known as taxpayers

  16. It’s NEVER let’s cut costs or bureaucrat salaries or reduce overhead, unless of course it’s laying off janitors. I hate these people with a passion.

  17. If they make California “public college free”, then that will leave them with only the private colleges. Will those be enough to meet their needs?


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