Democrats Serve Up Venti Cannibal-Lattes to Howard Schultz

The chief difference between Democrats and most everyone else? Most everyone else would rather be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. Democrats, however, are constitutionally incapable of leaving anyone alone.

American Greatness: Howard Schultz is discovering that the Democratic Party doesn’t really believe in lower case “d” democracy.

Is Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks and potential 2020 independent Presidential candidate, shocked by the response of some Democrats? If so, he’s more out of touch with the Democratic voter base than he realizes.

Schultz appears on course to learn just how quickly the anti-Trump cult will Hannibal Lecter-ize anyone who tries to upset the natural order of their political universe.

The whipped cream-delicious irony of the Democrats directing their cannibalistic ire at Schultz is that he once headed the corporate embodiment of affluent, white Democrat privilege; Starbucks is run by mostly affluent whites. Like Starbucks or hate it, Schultz was a master brand marketer.

But none of that matters now. Third-party candidates bring out the true Leninist character of the Democratic Party if those candidates hurt Democratic odds. Democrats are interested in one thing: conquering. This is why I said in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election that if Hillary Clinton were to win, the Democrats would hold the presidency, federal courts, and U.S. Supreme Court forever (or at least as long as “forever” lasts in a political world subject to contingency and free will).

The bottom line: The Democrats’ objective is to make our nation a de facto one-party state. They aren’t interested in representing or governing; they’re interested in rulingMORE

8 Comments on Democrats Serve Up Venti Cannibal-Lattes to Howard Schultz

  1. Shultz just found out how indispensable he is to the Democrat party. Those commies just took care of their Useful Idiot the way they’ve always done it.

    I wonder if he regrets giving them all that money, time and ruining his brand over it?

    (All things being equal, I’d rather have a president who builds beautiful golf resorts and hotels than one who obsesses over ‘fair trade’ coffee beans and doesn’t care if his employees contract diseases from the addicts who use their bathrooms.)

  2. The party of overbearing busybodies.
    Controlling people is instinctual with them because they know so much more.

  3. Totalitarians are … well … totalitarian.

    TOTAL control of your life. Cradle to grave. Or medical sink to bonfire.
    Their lusts are insatiable.
    The lust for strife.
    The lust for evil.
    The lust for destruction.
    The lust for tyranny.
    The lust for slavery.
    The lust for misery.
    The lust for subjection.
    The lust for torture.
    The lust for humiliation.
    The lust for mendacity.

    They hide their lusts behind facades – facades of “compassion” of “social justice” of “fraternity” of “equality” of “liberty” – none of which mean what the common meaning means.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Dear Howie,

    They loved groveling on the floor like a dog and begging for your money and endorsement before you decided to run though didn’t they?

    A word of advice my caffeinated friend: Don’t let them turn your head into one of the public bathrooms in your coffee shops and don’t send any dick pics to your baristas.

    However cute he may be.

    Good luck and godspeed, noble douche canoe.


    Donald T.
    New York, NY

  5. “They aren’t interested in representing or governing; they’re interested in ruling.”


    “…it is important that Obama take power and begin to rule on day one.”–ValJar, 2008


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