Democrats Urging Biden Not to Debate Trump

PJ Media:

Democrats around the country have begun to pressure the Biden campaign to call off all debates with Donald Trump due to the coronavirus pandemic, they say.

In truth, the reason they don’t want Biden to debate Trump is that they don’t think Trump will play by their rules. The president would take over the debate and make it about what he wants, not what Biden wants.

Democrats are also worried about Biden’s mental stamina and his ability to remain engaged for an hour and a half during a debate. more here

25 Comments on Democrats Urging Biden Not to Debate Trump

  1. The big question I would have about Biden in a debate would be whether or not he would actually understand that he was in a debate.

  2. I love the quote,Biden shouldn’t feel obligated to throw Trump a lifeline by granting him any debates at all! Can’t stop laughing at that one!
    “Even a fool when he keeps silent seems wise” they hope!

  3. A televised public debate that can be held live and very safely between the two men before a small evenly based audience will show Biden for what he is; a floudering sock puppet with dementia unable to deal with difficulties unless one of his praetorian commie guard has a hand pulling his mouth strings.

  4. I’ll host a Presidential debate here in flyover country. It’s a rural area so we have plenty of room to social distance. Neither party will have to worry about BLM or antifa disruptions; although I am a little concerned some of the local may pick off a few and hang their carasses on the fence as a warning to the others “just in case”. I’ll build two stages so the candidates will be forced to stay apart, and they can wear masks or not as they choose. It will be open air, so there’s not much danger of catching coronvirus in a closed enironment.

    We’ll have non-Washington people moderating the debate and asking questions. If Biden tries to continually talk over Trump like he did in the vice-president debate against Ryan, moderator Roy will tell Biden to “shut the fuck up” and turn off his microphone. Hopefully CNN and MSNBC will have the good sense to boycott this debate; if not, we’ll just ban them. And I’ll personally be on the lookout for dirty tricks such as people placing sniffable young women near Biden to distract him.

  5. Evidentally President Trump debating Jackass Joe with half his brain tied behind his back is against the rules…

  6. Coronavirus, yeah right.
    Democrats urged Hillary not to campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida because if she did she would have lost even more votes.
    It’s the flawed candidate strategy.

  7. Biden refuses debates at his own peril. No Debate, no chance of winning as Biden demonstrates his spinelessness.
    Biden debates at his own peril. Debate and lose as he removes all doubt of his mental decline.
    It’s a win-win for America.

  8. If Joey and Obama could sit down and have a conversation or whatever it was they had, then he can have a very controlled audience debate. People should not have to vote without hearing the Candidates answering questions and defending their platform.

    The Dems just don’t want Americans to hear floundering Joe trying to defend the Marxist platform they have pushed him to.

  9. I remember all of the furtive actions onstage after the 2016 debates, where they were sneaking things out from under Hillary’s podium as the crowd was milling around. We still don’t know the truth about those documented shenanigans, and they were forgotten after Hillary lost. But something hinky was definitely happening.

    However, if she was being coached and aided by hidden means, at least she had the mental acuity—and pharmas, possibly—to be able to use her cheats effectively. Biden hasn’t a chance in hell of using technology and/or meds to cheat, and his handlers know it.

    I really believe Joe is going to die very soon. There is no other way out politically for the Democrats. And the funerals are going to be like Wellstone, McCain, Floyd and Lewis combined.

  10. Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk
    AUGUST 3, 2020 AT 9:08 AM
    “…And I’ll personally be on the lookout for dirty tricks such as people placing sniffable young women near Biden to distract him.”

    …just use Black women for all the female staff. The left can’t argue about that, and Joe refuses to sniff ’em, the only race he WON’T sniff, so he’ll be completely lost (more than usual, that is) without his nasal fetish fix….

    …that’s why they won’t consider a Latina for VP too, because he WILL sniff HER, but a ‘fro is a no-go to sniffy ol’ Joe…

  11. Just imagine the debate prep for Joe:
    What are you going to say when you are asked about x?
    I can talk about my hairy legs
    No Joe, stick with the script: Orange Man Bad
    What about mentioning corn pops?
    NO, Orange Man Bad

  12. Dementia Joe Obiden Bama is slipping deeper into dementia every day and it’s more apparent with every befuddled outing. His handlers will not let him debate Trump without the ability to feed Dementia Joe his answers, and the MSDM will cover for him. This is going to be set up so that President Trump is blamed for the debates not taking place. We are living through a bizarre time. It’s the Year of Living Dementedly.

  13. They don’t need an audience at all. Just have a panel of four people, two selected from each party. Broadcast it live. Split-screen.

    Keep it simple stupid. (or for Joe Biden keep it stupid simple)

  14. Remember that Biden was chosen to be VP as an assassination insurance policy for obumf-ck because they knew NOBODY wanted him to become president then. How on earth did the democraps allow this to happen? I know that EVERYTHING is orchestrated by the commiecrats. So, what’s the actual plan for November?

  15. Thank you Democrats for your vote of no confidence and confirmation that Demented Joe is a drooling, corrupt, lying, fool who cannot even hold a conversation, much less argue in a debate.

    Oh, and this is with the inevitable dirty tricks of the POS Fake News Media feeding his campaign the softball questions in advance and protecting hm during the debate.

  16. @Thirdtwin. “ I really believe Joe is going to die very soon.“

    Agreed. Late August. It’s their only way out now.

  17. Joe is the Dems sacrificial lamb, they know they can’t beat Trump, a successful President going for a second term. So they put up the candidate they know can lose, saving their usual cohorts for 2024.

  18. “What’s a debait? Isn’t that when you take the worm off the hook? I know a lot about getting off the hook. I’ve done it many times.”, Joe Biden.


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