Democrats War Gaming “Secession” Of The West Coast


Democrats are contemplating secession and potential civil war as they game out possible scenarios for a closely contested election, according to a report by Ben Smith in a New York Times column Sunday.

The bulk of Smith’s column is devoted to the question of how the media will handle Election Night coverage, given that the result may not be known for weeks. Vote-by-mail, which many states have only recently adopted — ostensibly, to prevent the spread of coronavirus in polling places — could lead to an uncertain result. More

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  1. If ANTIFABLM shows up at polling places on November 3rd, count on it. And Gavin buddy, you have no idea what you are facing in the north part of the state. You don’t have the resources.

  2. Rioting scenarios and targets mapped out already if Trump wins, media already has their script and marching orders.

    Secede. It’s the only way.

  3. @ Bad_Brad AUGUST 4, 2020 AT 12:35 AM

    He’s probably thinking they can all carpool up in their high speed train

  4. Good fucking riddance to that shit hole. Let’s see how long they last. We better make sure to secure the border along Nevada, AZ and ID to keep those idiots stewing it their own juices.

    There’s plenty of pissed off people in n CA and e WA and OR. Let them settle their own fucking hash. They’ve been talking smack for years…well? Here’s their shot.

  5. I trust they realize that if, say California, were to secede that federal funding would dry up. And Nancy Pelosi would no longer be in the House of Representatives. Nor would Adam Schiff, for that matter.

    Hey maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

  6. It better end at the Cascade Crest where King County starts, rural Eastern Washington doesn’t need to be lumped in with the fools West of the Cascade mountains. It probably should be only King, Pierce and Snohomish County, leave the rest of the state alone. Why should we suffer because of the fools and idiots in the Seattle area. The same for Oregon, Portland, Eugene etc. and also leave the rest of predominantly rural Eastern Oregon alone.

  7. F*ck that. Push these CS’ers into the Sea…No secession .They are free to

    immigrate to Xinada or Mexico…Or Greece.

  8. We here in the Idaho/Wyoming/Dakota area are preparing for the shit-storm attempted exodus coming from the coastal states when it all goes full retard.

    Escape before you can’t. Clogged highways, no fuel, no food, no resources of any kind. You’re all going to get stranded in a Mad Max reality that you ain’t ready for.

    I’m hearing that the fun begins around September 19th.

    You have until then to remove your head from your asses.

  9. Secede? Let them. I won’t argue against it.
    Have the entire state secede, then we (US FedGov) can decide who to let back in, and who not.
    “You, NorCal, EastOre, EastWa, com’on’in. WHOAAAA! You, LA, SF, Seattle, Portland, NotSoFast, stay where you are. We’re going to have to talk about this for awhile……….say……….two to five years or so.”

  10. California North and East of Sac, Oregon south of Eugene and east of the Cascades will remain in the Union, thank you very much.

  11. I don’t get it. Why are so many of you expressing joy at significant pieces of America being given away to the Communist Democrats and their globalism? Why is your neck of the woods worth preserving and others not? Do you really think everyone on each of these states is pro-secession? Where would it end? Would you laugh and be happy if it was the state next you your “safe state”?

    This sounds like someone being happy that a major hurricane hit close to them but didn’t rip their own house off its foundation.

    Let’s fight the real problem — and I’ll remind you that the Communist Democrats are right in your own backyard, too, so don’t be doing the NIMBY dance. You may need the rest of to show you how to fight them off.

  12. No secession. Nope, not going for that. Civil War 1 kept the union together at a huge cost. If we let the west coast go without a fight, there will be no Civil War 2, but the cost will be much higher than Civil War 1.

    I think British Columbia will go with the breakaway states and maybe some parts of Baja will also. We would have a militarily weak 3 or 4 state country on our west coast which will be no match for China, who will see it as an opportunity to gain a toe hold in North America. The Pacific Ocean won’t be a barrier; It’ll become a vast highway.

    We would be ignoring the sacrifices made by union troops in Civil War 1 if we let it happen. We can’t let it happen.


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