Democrats: ‘We’re F***ed’ with Election Integrity Laws in 18 States


Democrats are worried about winning the 2022 midterm elections after Republican state legislatures reformed 30 election integrity laws in 18 states and additional legislation may come.

CEO of the Stacey Abrams-founded New Georgia Project, Nsé Ufot, told Politico, “If there isn’t a way for us to repeat what happened in November 2020, we’re f—ed.”

Latosha Brown, cofounder of Black Voters Matter, told Politico that“hope is quickly turning into frustration.” She then asked, “When in the hell are those who claim that they are committed to democracy going to show up to protect those that protect democracy?”

Along with the multitude of states that have successfully passed new election integrity measures, such as voting ID. and early voting requirements, more than 400 bills with election integrity provisions have “been introduced in 49 states in the 2021 legislative sessions.”

Other states with pending legislative sessions, such as California, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Maine, still have election integrity measures waiting to be passed. read more

18 Comments on Democrats: ‘We’re F***ed’ with Election Integrity Laws in 18 States

  1. “If there isn’t a way for us to repeat what happened in November 2020, we’re f—ed.”

    …you mean where you chased the Republican poll watchers out, boarded up the windows, pulled suitcases of prepunched Democrat ballots trucked from all over the South out to run through the scanners multiple times, had illegals voting in job lots, and had voting machines switching fractions of every Trump vote to The Pedophile when even all the foregoing didnt pull your grinning corpse across the finish line?

    THAT repeat?

    …well, there’s some stuff that you’re setting up to repeat, all right, but its stuff more from 1776 and 1789, and I don’t think you’re gonna want it when you GET it…

  2. “When in the hell are those who claim that they are committed to democrats fraud going to show up to protect those that protect democrat fraud?”

    FIFY, LaTosha.

    But just to remind, tightening up early voting and voter ID do little to stop confetti mail-in ballots and computer vote fraud. Legislators may be plugging some holes before election day, but until something is done to stop what goes on with the computers during election day and what goes on with mail-ins after midnight and beyond election day, the Dems are most certainly not f**ked.

  3. Until anyone caught engaging in any extralegal voting or tampering is hanged it will continue unabated

  4. Wouldn’t expect democrats to be in favor of anything that involves integrity. In addition to voter integrity laws, maybe we need another set of laws called voter cheater laws. Have them write up exactly how they want to be allowed to cheat and let’s debate on that. Afterall, it’s racist to expect integrity (Jim Crow 2.0).

  5. It’s not just a coincidence that almost all of the precincts where the election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump were in predominantly African-American neighborhoods. Plantation Dwellers know they have to protect their Masters’ ability to keep the gravy train flowing. This has been going on for decades, and there are dozens of Dementiacrat Senators and Congressional Representatives who owe their sinecures to this corrupt situation. They earned what’s coming their way.

  6. Welcome Sandy. You must be a slut because it sure comes across like you enjoy being reemed and reemed hard.

  7. Sandy, obviously you were not present in America for those 4 years. I loved every second of it, and feel sorry for you having missed out. Don’t be sad, you may get a second chance God willing.

  8. Turn about is fair play. Let’s work the same scam and simply fabricate up say… a billion ballots…

  9. Sandy: Four years does not create a sinecure. Look up the definition of this word. It perfectly fits the likes of practically every member of the Black Caucus. Representatives Maxine Waters, James Clyburn, Hank Johnson, and Senator Cory Booker fit this definition, as does Senators Dick Durban (first elected in 1996) and Patrick Leahy (first elected in 1974). I could name some other, Republican, Senators who have overstayed their time, but they aren’t voting for legislation that will turn this country into a Socialist Shithole.

  10. Well, I hope you die first
    You fucking moron. You’re a trans, too. Right?
    I know, because you keep using female names as much as you do male.
    LOL. Psycho. Why are you so obsessed with the coronavirus? Are you in some sort of
    treatment for retardation? If that’s just your normal thing— You’re so pathetic.
    Is coming here the only thing that gets you hot when your mom doesn’t want to touch you?

  11. Are you fucking kidding me?
    Nothing will be done, NOTHING until we the people rise up and start making examples of traitors, cheats and liars, and frankly, I’m seeing little enthusiasm for that.

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