Democrats Worried They Have No Real Message Ahead of Midterms

Breitbart: Democrats are “sounding growing alarms” a week ahead of the midterm election that they have no “real message” besides being against President Trump, according to a report.

The Hill‘s Mike Lillis and Amie Parnes report:

Democrats are sounding growing alarms in the final push before the midterm elections that the party lacks the message it needs to combat President Trump and win back Democratic majorities in Congress. Some of the comments are positively biting, and illustrate that nerves are on edge less than two weeks before Election Day

‘We haven’t had a real message since the last presidential election so why change it now?’ said Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis. ‘We had no message in 2016. We had no message in between. We have no message going into this election…You have to give people a reason to vote for you, not a reason to vote against someone else.’

Kofinis added: “In terms of a Democratic Party having even a semblance of a message, it’s just not there and that’s the reason this election is going to be unpredictable… . Nobody should be surprised if it’s a good night or a bad night.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who orchestrated the Democrats’ taking of the House in 2006 as former head of the Democratic House campaign arm, said back in 2006, Democrats had a clear message.

“It’s a little late now to do now,” he told CNN last week. “I don’t want to say we did everything right in ’06, but we had a ‘Six in ’06’ [agenda], a set of ideals that are very clear.”They also hint at the fights that will take place if Democrats underperform and fail to at least win back the House majority, which would count as a significant disappointment at this stage.

Democrats still think they have a good chance of retaking the House, since their voting base is “fired up to send a message to Trump,” but recognize the path to taking the Senate “has largely disappeared,” and Trump has started to fire up the Republican base.  more here

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  1. If you’re a US citizen and you want a chance for a decent paying job in the future, and you want your kids to have a chance for a decent paying job in the future as well as living in a society that doesn’t exist as a dirty, polluted, polyglot, open borders, cheap labor flophouse with no social safety net for US citizens, then don’t vote for democrats. If you do, then don’t come bitching to the rest of us.

  2. Oh, they have a message….

    Higher taxes, more welfare, free shit, impeach, dismantle the armed sevices, flood the country with illegals, waste money on global warming, disarm citizens, re-distribute other peoples money…etc.

    That is their message…loud and clear.

  3. Dems always bellyache about the rich getting too much of the national pie. That our slices are getting smaller of that pie. So how does letting 20 million illegals eating the same pie help the rest of us. Oh, I forgot, They are unprincipled, lying assholes that will do and say anything to get power over us.

  4. Just look at it this way Dems, making America stronger, better and great again gives you something to tear down and apologize for the next time you manage to put a Marxist, Commie Dipshit in the White House again…if ever!

  5. My voting criteria is real simple this year: I want more videos of leftists crying, whining, throwing things and howling at the sky. I figure the only way to get these is by voting Republican.

  6. Msg! We don’t need stinky msg! We got MSM! and have had them for over 70 years! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it America!

  7. The ONLY appeal I can see is the promise of free shit to the indolent.
    And we all know what leftist promises 💩 are made of, don’t we?


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