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Demons At Our Door

nra freedom's safest place- demons at our door

When evil knocks on our doors, Americans have a power no other people on the planet share: The full-throated right to defend our families and ourselves with our Second Amendment.

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  1. To be “armed” is not limited to a firearm.
    A knife also qualifies.
    One may not always carry a firearm, but there is no rational nor reason to not always carry a blade.
    The blade may seem inferior, but consider what a small number did with a short blade on 9/11.

  2. We have the right to protect ourselves from government tyrants or dictators. Those assholes are supposed to serve the People, not enslave them.

    And, as somebody once said, when the government fears the people, there is freedom …

  3. I’ve carried a knife since I was 12, every day, everywhere I go, with only a few exceptions. Now I carry a Gerber Fast Draw serrated and a small Victorinox gentleman’s pocket knife. They are tools, but they could be used to subdue an attacker or cut through plastic ties.

    I lost the little knife one day and it took me a couple days to find it. I felt like I lost one of my fingers. lol.

  4. You were pretty late starting to carry a knife to school for a genuine redneck LOL. I got my first knife when I was 5 – a little pearl handled (plastic) Sabre brand penknife (made in Japan) with stainless blades. I soon had a hole in my pocket and lost it running around outside. About 10 years later I found it while cutting grass beside the house. It looked almost as good as it did when it was new, and I still have it along with about a hundred others.

  5. No, I started carrying one non-stop every day, everywhere, when I was about 12. I owned them before then, and carried them to school – without any worry of getting in trouble. It became everyday carry when I was 12. Like now, I don’t leave the house without one. Or two.

    I found my first knife in a field when I was about 4, and was finding pocket knives all the time. My dad kept my collection until I was about 8 or 9. He was impressed with them too. Must have had 2 dozen. I still collect them.

    You can’t beat a spring assist for easy operation. But I can open an old style Buck *110 just as fast with one hand.

  6. I was thrilled. Nothing like your first knife to a little boy. And it means even more now because my dad gave it to me for my birthday. I’ve seen the spring assist ones but haven’t had a chance to try one yet. I’ve got a few with adjustable tension that work pretty well though (you can just flip them open when set properly).

    And now I’m jealous of you finding pocket knives all the time LOL.

  7. No need to feel jealous, I don’t have any of the knives left that I found when I was a kid. Gave some away, lost others, some got stolen or just disappeared. I could have taken better care of that collection.

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