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Dems Complain The President Isn’t Working Hard Enough

Citing a drop in public appearances during the prolonged government shutdown, brought on by open border fanatic democrats, there are some on the left who believe the president isn’t working hard enough. More

21 Comments on Dems Complain The President Isn’t Working Hard Enough

  1. Ha, Haaaaaaa, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    They wish!
    He is hard working and he is planning for the future, which they are too clueless to see. 3D Chess playing master.

  2. They only want him to make more appearances so they can have more beat him up time and issues… they wouldn’t care if he dropped dead.

  3. Given today’s absurdness and complete hypocrisy of the RAT party, Art Linkletter would not be ashamed to have a show called “DemocRATs Say the Dumbest Shit”

  4. Fantasy: During his upcoming State of the Union address, my president, Donald Trump, announces his choice for the next Supreme Court vacancy.

    Final Fantasy: Amy Coney Barrett

  5. The dems again show that they are extremely stupid. If, as they would have us believe, everything DJT does is bad, then the less he does the better. The dems should be happiest if he did nothing at all.

  6. Someday they will wake up and realize Trump has flushed their world, and Obama’s legacy, down the toilet.

    Buy stock in Big Pharma!

  7. TRUMP gets it done and does it naturally.. he doesn’t need a personal “physician” to keep him hopped up on methadrine like bammy did to constantly be in front of a camera yakkin’ & flappin’ his jaw.

  8. After failing to observe what took place on the seditious gay Kenyan commie’s watch, no one on the left is qualified to define hard work.

  9. Yeah – he’s not working HARD enough! Der Kommissar Obamassar had ALREADY played 200 rounds of golf by this point in HIS presidency!!! 😳

  10. Wait until he declares a national emergency and gets cracking on that big, beautiful wall. They’ll wished he’s as lazy as Obama.

  11. …said the same people whose party leader would still be in Hawai’i on his six week semi-annual vacay right now.


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