Dems Depend On Pandemic Panic To Save Them This Fall


In order to support the most important political objectives of the DNC writ large in the 2020 election, COVID-19 hype is essential. More

17 Comments on Dems Depend On Pandemic Panic To Save Them This Fall

  1. Well, if you believe the Polls. Or Cavuto. I haven’t watched that guys show in several years. Watched it today. and I might as well have been watching CNN. Man is that guy butt hurt.

  2. Gird yourself for the never ending, 24/7 screaming and drum thumping about the terrible dangers of WhuFlu. UNLESS you
    are burning, wrecking and looting to “get Trump”.

  3. Sigh, and this is why we aren’t going to be free until after the election. At this point their best argument is vote Biden to make this all stop.

  4. The one law even the democrats can’t avoid, that of unintended consequences. A violent mob is impossible to control and serves as a campaign add for Trump.

  5. I thought they were for the little people?

    If the Dem’s ever get total power back, they are going to release the Kracken on America. It isn’t going to matter who you voted for, they want vengeance.

  6. …idk if it’s fair to say they DEPEND on it, I’m sure they’ve got more and worse lies ready to go…

  7. Push the replay button. After Biden loses, it’ll be all hands on deck to push impeachment for another 3 years again. If democrats still run the House you’ll be hearing from the despicable left, “he’s the only one to be impeached twice,” immediately following ceremonial handout of pens described as a sad and somber day for America. Then, in 2024, convid-1984 will re-emerge and some black thug will turn up dead with video evidence.

  8. The Left is counting on the lockdown and social distancing, two things that defy the expression of human nature as a fundamentally social being, to continue resulting in mass psychological frustration which they can direct to manifest as social aggression that they can use against not only Trump but everything his supporters stand for as well.

    This will go unopposed by the right as their psychological frustration is directed towards everything from apathy to personal self destructive behavior and no group social aggression will come into being on the Right side to oppose the Left.

    They -the Leftist elite and their unseen controllers- have put themselves in the position of being able to direct this, as they are doing now, as it has been in the development for a very long time and is being done at a genius level.

    Look around, we’re losing badly, maybe even have already lost, and have done nothing but gripe about it as it is happening.

  9. Keep your eye on the mail-in vote issue, justified by the “pandemic” to hijack the election

  10. Their attack Lab Rat Fauci came out on cue with his ninth contradictory opinion, kids can now get COVID-19.
    No proof, no evidence, just his word, sick of his political posturing.
    Go Find Yourself, A H.

  11. Actually, they are depending on various psyops campaigns to test GOP spinelessness and incompetence to its limits, which, apparently, has few limits.

    “Because, Gosh!, we really want the people at MSNBC to like us more!”

    – Virtually Every GOP Asshole in DC

  12. The DNC strategy is:
    1. keep everyone scared of the CCP virus.
    2. keep the leftists and ignorant blacks stirred-up
    3. keep pushing mail-in or absentee voting
    Then on election day – riots everywhere to keep honest voters too afraid to go out to vote.
    Their only hope is to keep Trump voters away from the voting booth on election day and then overwhelm the mail in voting system with fraudulent ballots.

  13. I still haven’t figured out the DNC’s Biden strategy. They must have a plan to either dump him at whatever “convention” they have OR give him a VP that they can swap out immediately after the election or inauguration.
    They have to keep him out of the public eye either way to hide is incompetence from voters.

  14. “I still haven’t figured out the DNC’s Biden strategy.”

    My guess is they’re either planning on dumping him or counting on pumping Trump hatred to a fever pitch to get people to vote against him without thinking about who Biden is.

    If it were me making the plans, I’d probably kill him off, coronavirus being the chosen method, just before the nomination and get someone they really want in with the sympathy vote carrying the way to victory (Remember Johnson riding on Kennedy’s death to get in when he wouldn’t have otherwise).


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