Dems Desert Texas House To Deny Quorum Needed To Pass Election Reform


Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives kept a bill with sweeping new voting restrictions from passing by walking out shortly before a midnight deadline, denying the majority Republicans a quorum.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott promptly said he would call a special session to try again to get it approved, but didn’t say when that would be.

The bill, known as Senate Bill 7, would have imposed a raft of election changes that eliminated drive-thru voting, empowered partisan poll watchers and imposed new requirements in order to cast a ballot by mail in Texas, which already has some of the toughest voting laws in the nation. More

12 Comments on Dems Desert Texas House To Deny Quorum Needed To Pass Election Reform

  1. Just have the Governor issue executive orders; that’s how the dem governors do it, and no one seems to mind.

  2. Dems don’t want truth or honesty….They simply want total power….like Satan wants all the power—there’s no difference.

  3. There has to be a ‘Sam Houston” clause that involves roping, horses and draggin’…with an appropriament of pistal whipping….

  4. Now you know why demoncraps call voter ID “rayyyyyyyyyycist.”

    Can’t steal elections.

  5. Hey, congressional Republicans, watch and learn. Walk out in their HR1, if a quorum is needed! Nancy and Schumer certainly would use such chicken💩tactics!

  6. Childish tantrums are a political tactic for the leftists, This is used often and should have been expected and a response calculated into the plans.

  7. I told everyone on Breitbart that Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas are falling to progressives. I was laugh off.


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