Dems Desperate To Save Their $1.8 Trillion Federal Tax Break

The deduction of state and local taxes (SALT for short) from federal income taxes has been taken away in the Senate tax reform framework bill passed last week. Those hardest hit will be from high tax states like California, Connecticut, New York, Illinois to name but a few.

While the democrats in congress will claim that the removal of this tax break will affect the “middle class,” according to Investors Business Daily this simply isn’t true. It’s actually a break for the top 1 percent in those states with a heavy tax burden.


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  1. I don’t live in any of those states mentioned but being middle class I WILL take a large hit on my taxes if I lose that deduction.

  2. Although it will hit me in the pocketbook I think it’s unfair that people in states like CA don’t pay their share of federal taxes.
    Just lower a lot of other taxes too. And especially the 0bamacare high-cost health insurance tax.

  3. if you double the standard deduction (which the tax plan does) it would basically offset many middle-class state/local tax deductions …. that is, if you don’t pay more than $6400 in state/local taxes per individual on your taxes
    this would also mean many people may go short form

  4. So really the Dems are just afraid the peasants will revolt and start questioning their state and local tax rates that they’ve been tolerating since they’ve been able to save on their federal taxes.

  5. if you think that yer going to take a hit from the elimination of SALT deduction, YOU are a part of the problem… what are your higher local and state taxes gaining you? more subsidies?

  6. From a state with lower taxes, why should I have to pay more in federal income taxes than those in states with high state taxes? We all should be on the same playing field when it comes to federal taxes.

    But then I’m also one of those who doesn’t like child tax credit or earned income credit either and I said the same thing when my kids were at home.

    If I’m going to be real honest I think it’s bs we pay federal income taxes at all. Why should the government get money we earn? If more people had to do like businesses and write out checks to the IRS instead of never seeing the money then more people would vote for those who don’t want to tax us.

  7. Income taxes are immoral.
    Plain, simple fact.

    If President Trump would stick to his guns, even some of the more malicious totalitarians would agree. One proposal makes the socialists bray for the “middle-class” (which everyone knows is a lie) so others might have them barking a chorus.
    The poor dears … imagine if CA, NY, and IL had to pay their own way through their imbecilities? Think that would finally awaken the somnolent?

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. New York federal senator Shumer wrote off $53,000 for 2016 thanks to this tax break. It is clear the SALT tax break was created by DEMONCRATS in Congress because it only benefits state residents from the highest taxed DEMONCRAT states. So the federal income tax rate nationwide has been kept high to benefit the rich DEMONCRATS. WE NEED THE FAIR TAX ENACTED!


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