Dems Float a New Whacks Tax

If you live in Rhode Island, it may soon cost you a monthly fee to see porn on the internet. It’s the brainchild of the left. It’s what they do best, tax everything, including “alone time” “shaking hands with Abe Lincoln.”

The Register-

Legislators in Rhode Island have come up with a novel way to deal with online pornography: require ISPs to block sexual content and then require consumers to pay a $20 “digital access fee” if they want to see smut.

The proposal – Senate Bill S 2584 [PDF] – has caused an explosive debate with First Amendment rights advocates clashing with those warning about human trafficking.

The bill would also allow the state attorney general to file suit against ISPs that do not block offensive material, including child pornography, revenge pornography and websites that facilitate prostitution or human trafficking.

But it is the $20 digital access fee – which would be collected quarterly by the state and used to fund the state’s council on human trafficking – that has been garnering a lot of attention.


The left was worried about rates going up because of “Net Neutrality.” Turns out, like always, things get expensive when the left starts thinking.

29 Comments on Dems Float a New Whacks Tax

  1. Drag them out of the State house.
    Hang them.
    Burn their bodies. Or leave them hanging as a warning.

    “If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Spin up OpenVPN on a VM in a cloud far far away from RI, and… Tax Evasion! Then they’ll seek to criminalize encryption, which is likely their real goal.

  3. THEY wanted net neutrality in order to CONTROL content and they just got their way. It had nothing to do with porn. It is a smoke screen to cover the real intent. Next they will attempt to TAX us for viewing conservative websites. Wait for it.

  4. This proposal will be dropped without fanfare when competing groups of SJWs demand that they get to decide how the money collected will be spent.

  5. Like they’ll stop at taxing porn. Or stop at $20. I’m sure the SPLC has a whole list of groups they’d like to hit with an Internet Hate Tax. And I’m sure that the UniParty is only too happy to make that happen.

  6. Why don’t they just tax all the women who have had pictures of their boobs placed on the internet? Ten dollars per boob should easily get them into the black with some spare change left over!

  7. as much porn surfing that goes on in the sainted halls of gubmint … they’d go bankrupt taxing themselves!

  8. And now we see just how full of shit the net neutrality farce was. We’ve put the junkies in charge of the pharmacy.

  9. I’ve seen the irreparable harm that porn has done to the lives of some of my friends and my clients, their families and the breakup of marriages, and I detest it. This tax though sure seems to be a violation of rights.

    I wonder though how many lefty porn addicts applauded taxing smokes. Just sayin.

  10. Its not a “tax” it’s an “access fee” just like o care mandate isn’t a tax, it’s a “penalty”.

    Semantics for justification is still bs.

  11. “Legislators in Rhode Island have come up with a novel way to deal with online pornography: require ISPs to block sexual content….”

    That right there is a government abridgment of free speech. Now if the ISP did it on their own it would be a different matter all together.

    Maybe the Legislators in Rhode Island should mandate a Civics class instead?

  12. Porn’s always been there, you just had to pay for it. Then along came the Sexual Revolution and the Internet, and suddenly it was free. Now it looks like we may be back to square one.

    You live long enough and eventually everything repeats itself.

  13. There’s human trafficking in Rhode Island? Well then they should tax MS-13 and the ‘refugees’ they invited up there with open arms.

  14. @Tim March 7, 2018 at 8:52 am

    > Drag them out of the State house.
    > Hang them.
    > Burn their bodies. Or leave them hanging as a warning.

    So much planning. So much coordination. So many witnesses.
    And oh so much an heroing.
    Everybody sleeps on Elm Street.

  15. How do they plan to figure out what is porn on the internet? Hasn’t there been talk in the past to control access of porn to minors but there was no way to declare what was and wasn’t porn? I think there was a proposal to have a URL extension to identify porn but nothing ever came of it. By what vehicle would Rhode Island make a site in New York adopt such an extension?

    And how much you want to bet that many conservative blogs would “accidentally” be deemed as porn and thus blocked?

  16. Although now that I think about it, if there is money to be made by the government they will find a way real quick. If it was really to protect children there was not much effort put into it.

  17. I think this is going to be a ‘hard’ sell
    besides, I thought Pole taxes were illegal
    this whole thing will probably just peter out
    & they’ll just limp away

    (I’m here all night folk!) 😜

  18. I bet the barn Barack Obama would gleefully pony up the extra cash so he could masturbate all night to tranny porn!


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