Dems Introduce $100 Million ‘End Diaper Need’ Act

WFB: Two Democratic congresswomen on Thursday introduced the “End Diaper Need Act of 2019”, a bill they say “would create a $100 million demonstration program for distributing free diapers and diapering products in states, communities, and nonprofits around the nation to help reduce the diaper need in low-income families and underserved communities.”

Representatives Barbara Lee from California and Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut are the sponsors.

“No family should have to choose between buying diapers for their child or buying groceries—but that is exactly the situation many families face every day,” said Congresswoman DeLauro in a press release.

“Most child care centers won’t accept a child without an adequate supply of diapers, preventing low-income families from enrolling their child in child care and returning to work,” Lee said in the same release.  more here

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  1. A lot of Dems are going to need those free diapers now that they are shitting themselves because Mueller came up empty.

  2. No family should have to choose between buying diapers and groceries or buying beer, pot and cigarettes and gambling at the casino on Friday night is more like it

  3. I thought their “killing babies after they’re born” policy, was ALSO their “end diaper need” act? 😳

  4. If you can’t afford diapers you probably can’t afford kids. Money would be better spent on bungee cords for around their knees to keep their legs shut.

  5. I see the Lefty’s are tackling the really critical tasks while simulataneously offering more freebies to those who believe they are entitled to such nonsense….nothing more than the blind leading the blind, eventually they will walk off the cliff into oblivion.

  6. As a pediatric nurse practitioner (retired) JDHasty’s post says it all. More than likely these families are on the WIC program which means they are getting formula (if not breastfeeding) and some groceries. It is called priorities and responsibility. Use cloth at home and buy disposable for the daycare that require them. And STOP smoking!

  7. To resolve the problem of what to do with the baby waste and spare you buying diapers just send the droppings to Beto O’Rourke he thinks they’re avocados.

  8. How to waste $100 million by using the no brains approach. Most people in the Congressional adult daycare are morons, all they need is a chance to prove it!

  9. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

    —H.L. MENCKEN, 1921

  10. “would create a $100 million demonstration program for distributing free diapers …”

    Well, if they can “create” then why don’t they just “create” all those diapers and leave the taxpayers out of it? Sounds like another scam to relieve people of their money.

    And $100 Million is the “demonstration” program? What’s the ACTUAL program gonna cost?

    Pay for it yourselves, or get Bill Gates, Geo. Soros, or Mike Bloomberg to foot the bill … uhh … come to think of it, didn’t Mrs. Clinton get just about that much for selling our Uranium to Russia? Let her pay for it!

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. At least, (other than the natural infant hygiene crowd,) bare butt babies dripping dung would become a thing of the past.

  12. $100 million for free diapers? That money would be better spent building the wall, since the majority of the free-diaper-recipients will be from south of the border.

  13. By the way, they should include an additional $100 million for clean-up, since the kind of people who would seek out free diapers are the same people who throw them out of their cars on the side of the road, parking lots, etc.

  14. So…I have to pay for them when they want to have a kid, AND pay for them when they want to kill the baby.

    Got it.

    *whistles idly, awaits collapse*

  15. We’re in the fast lane to bankruptcy and these two shit-for-brains want to speed things up? Why do they think we need government help? Do those two need government help with their diapers? Pelosi better let those two know that Nancy has a firm handle on exposing democrat party insanity and she doesn’t need their help.

  16. Good lord, do these people just sit around and think of stupid ways to spend money. Do not the people producing these children have any responsibility? The other day I was in the check out lane at the grocery store and the couple in front of me was checking out with an EBT card. Both the man and women sported full sleeve tattoos. couple thousand bucks worth of ink.

  17. Oh my gosh. There are already too many diapers disposed of in parking lots or other places by parents who are too lazy to find a trash can.

    Make the diaper free and like the free needle distribution, the pollution will ‘pile’ up quickly.

    I wonder where in the NEW GREEN PLAN disposable diapers are addressed.

    Someone please think of something important for congress to do, oh wait, they won’t take up any business of sane or constitutional lawmaking, that would be too pro American. Imigration, corruption of the deep state, unethical behavior of congress, illegal voters, healthcare, all and more are ignored.

  18. More wealth redistribution in the name of “helping the needy (help themselves)”
    The democrats must really love poor people; they make so many of them.

  19. Gee, maybe if the gov’t stopped feeding them kids *free* breakfast, lunch and supper, them kids wouldn’t need so many diapers.

  20. Ever seen a Walmart parking lot that was NOT strewn with garbage, filth, and soiled diapers? Neither have I. What ever happened to cloth diapers? Guess people just got too busy at their ‘save the planet’ protests….

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