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Dems Making It Hard For Republicans to Lose Next Election

Polling indicates that the majority of Americans disapprove of the positions the Democratic Party has taken on a number of key issues:

-Defining “radical Islamic terrorism”

-the handling of Syrian refugees

-racial protests at our institutions of higher learning


By staking out unpopular positions, the Democrats seem to be challenging their opponents to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

I’m confident establishment Republicans will try their best.



11 Comments on Dems Making It Hard For Republicans to Lose Next Election

  1. Meanwhile in Sweden Episode 2 from Angry Foreigner.
    This describes the crazy criminal thinking the democrat left wants to, and will impose on America. .

    The GOPe is skillful at snatching defeat from a sure win.
    We better not let them, and make certain they don’t go McConnell and do the opposite of what they promised to do during the campaign – or America will begin to look like a very large Sweden.

  2. “radical Islamic terrorism”…as opposed to non-radical Islamic terrorism?

  3. As long as the Dems have the media they have a staggering advantage in national level elections.

    Add the traditional dead, multiple and related voter fraud (and now illegals voting) and it becomes almost insurmountable

  4. I hope Hillary is the Democrats” candidate–the perfect packaging for repulsive ideas.

  5. Their new slogan:
    “Repulsiveness comes in a Hillbag”
    (I don’t even wanna think about that double-entendre)

  6. Law & order, anti-illegal immigration, inflation, no race baiting race relations, throwing out O’bamalanalingdongs executive orders, obama care, throwing out all regulations /laws based on global warming.

    If the GOP does not run with these they are toast.

    And I didn’t even get to the part where hillary’s crimes against humanity are exposed

  7. It should been enough damage since the racist LBJ screwed America with that DEBT-INCREASING Great GRIFT Society, but he sure got “them niggers voting Demoncrunt from the next 50 years…”

  8. I think you’re right. Remember Boston being locked down after the marathon bombing? Why do you think zero is in such a hurry to import terrorists? He’s probably already picked their target for them, some beloved national monument they’ll destroy so it’s a twofer. BOOM, something like the Statue of Liberty or the Lincoln Memorial and martal law is declared, elections are ‘postponed’, plus a patriotic symbol is whacked.

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