Dems Projected To Lose 41 House Seats Next Fall

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A new analysis of President Joe Biden’s downward-trending approval ratings finds that his Democratic Party could hemorrhage as many as 41 seats in the House during next year’s midterm elections, or close to as many as then-President Donald Trump’s GOP lost in 2018.

Glen Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies told the Washington Examiner that it is not difficult to tie presidential polling to election outcomes and because Biden’s approval rating continues to decline, he believes the president’s party will lose close to the 41 seats lost during Trump’s midterm, or 34 more than the GOP needs to regain control of the chamber. More

22 Comments on Dems Projected To Lose 41 House Seats Next Fall

  1. The midterms are it. And they will cheat their asses off. They have no honor or integrity. If we lose the mid terms there’s only one way we save the country.

  2. Communists are impressive. Lets consider Newsoms recall vote. First of all you need to understand California Communists perfect the fraud here and then spread it Nation Wide. It’s easy for them because basically Conservatives are stupid. I include myself in that statement. We’re thinking, after all that cheating last time around there’s no way they’d try it again. Yea well they upped their game. Complete with “Chicken Little” adds accusing Conservatives of claiming fraud before the vote ever took pace. It worked. Nobodies looking at potential fraud. Its not that they’re so smart. It’s because we’re so stupid.

  3. Cmccguy

    Makes no difference. Toronto voted him in. The surrounding areas of Ontario were conservative.

    Its the way the districts are set up. The conservatives actually had more votes but less seats.

    Fuck em. I just bumped up all my prices today. Obviously people have too much money so now I have to show them how carbon taxes effect pricing on everything. I was holding back to try to help people but Fuck Em now!

  4. Kcir – (Trudeau, prime minister blackface 3 times)
    SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 AT 9:51 PM
    “Don’t bet on it.

    Turdeau just got re-elected last night FFS.”

    You’re welcome.

  5. California and Canada just proved it isn’t going to change until we make voting reliable. Everyone of these demoncrat INVITED ILLEGALS is instructed to vote or at the least, when ‘processed’, is registered to vote, which WILL be applied to whichever district needs that vote.

    The demoncrat cheat machine is on full steam ahead. Like the Wizard Of Oz, pull back the covid masks/muzzles you are forced to wear, and you will see the whole, behind-the-fog-of-stupid, truth that they have spread upon America.

    THE DEMONCRAT/COMMIE POISONOUS FOG IS EASY TO SPOT: IT’S GREEN LIKE THE SKY. Green as in greed, avarice, grifting, envy, cheating, lying, tyranny and treason.

  6. The Constitution does not require the speaker to be an incumbent member of the House of Representatives, although every speaker thus far has been. The speaker is second in the United States presidential line of succession, after the vice president and ahead of the president pro tempore of the Senate. What are the chances they would elect DJT?

  7. Won’t happen unless they stop the mail-in voting shenanigans, late night/early morning vans dumping boxes of ballots all voting democrat.
    Unless they enforce voter ID, it would be hard for anyone other than per-approved democrats to win any elections.

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