Dems Push Impeachment Rules Through House 232-196

Dan Bongino: After roughly an hour of debating on the House floor, a vote was taken on a resolution filled with ground rules for the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. The final vote was 232-196 with zero Republicans voting for the resolution and only two Democratic defectors. Freshman Representative Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) and 15-term veteran Representative Collin Peterson (D-MN) both represent GOP-leaning districts and joined the Republicans in voting against the measure.

During the debate, representatives on both sides of the aisle gave their talking points. Pelosi gave quite the performance saying “what is at stake in all this is nothing less than our democracy” while standing next to a large poster of the American Flag.

Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) accused Democrats of imposing “Soviet-style rules” next to a poster depicting the Kremlin. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave a moving speech defending the president saying Trump has done nothing wrong, nothing impeachable and blamed Democrats for their obsession with the impeachment proceedings “because they are scared they cannot defeat him at the ballot box.”

It may take weeks or more before the House even decides whether to vote on actually impeaching Trump. For now, Dems have in place procedures “which give them the ability to curb the president’s lawyers from calling witnesses” which they say are similar rules to the Nixon and Clinton impeachments. Republicans, however, argue the resolution allows for rules skewed against Trump. read more

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  1. Just a heads-up Demoncrats, When you try and “restrain” a guy like Trump, you don’t tie his hands in front of him and leave his feet unshackled. He may sit there and let you think you’re in charge, but when you aren’t looking he gonna jump up and kick you in the nuts, palm jab you in the throat and take your car keys and wallet.

  2. I was watched Republican response on Fox, when they interrupted Jim Jordan to show Schitt and the demon response. I need to find Jim Jordan video.

  3. Take this seriously, it isn’t going to turn out well for America.

    If you aren’t already prepared for the results, get that way real quick like or be ready to regret not doing so.

    This is about whether or not you will be allowed to have any say so in ruling your own life in the future, something reminiscent of earlier times when we faced a similar situation and had to do something about it.

  4. One day people are going to get enough and it’s going to be open season on these people who vote for these demons.

    I read and hear constantly people who are shutting themselves off from democrats. I see them stocking up on guns and ammo. People that are easy going people who are getting fed up.

  5. The Traitors have openly declared themselves (not that they haven’t previously, but now cataloged with a vote).

    Our only question is: “Should we Reward Treason or Repay it?”
    2020 may be our last election … if it isn’t subverted beyond recognition.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Old Racist White Woman: The day of enough is here, time to put them in their place, after all they thought we would take it lying down.

  7. Where can we get a list of the congress-critters who voted FOR impeachment, so we all know who to vote AGAINST next November? It should be a PDF on a website so we can print it out next year.

  8. @ORWW I read and hear constantly people who are shutting themselves off from democrats. I see them stocking up on guns and ammo. People that are easy going people who are getting fed up.

    I’m one of them. We’ve always had a few guns, but I never thought I’d see the day when my home would have a gun room. Never thought I’d see a lot of things. Too many people too stupid to care as long as they have their toys and Big Macs.

  9. Perry and Merry Poppet, I live in a red state and you can’t go into a gun store or even a restaurant and not overhear a conversation about not just democrat politicians, but democrat people in general who they cut out of their lives including family.
    I’ve lived in a red state my entire life and it was never like that until after Obama’s second term, it died down a little after Trump was elected, but it started picking back up after the Mueller investigation and has just been getting worse.

  10. @geeknerd

    They ALL voted in favor to impeach except 2, Collin C. Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.

    So, for all you Gabbard lovers, she voted with the mob, despite all the bluster of her independence to the contrary. I wonder if Tucker is still going to have her on his show every other day, that bloom is probably still on the rose.

  11. I hope this “impeachment inquiry”…
    Turns into a giant suppository for everyone in the House,
    Who voted for it !!

  12. It’s not like there’s anything else they could be doing right?

    Maybe take the crosses off churches and tear down a coupla more George Washington statues?

  13. They seem determined to inspire Hong Kong type protest here, but they are ignoring they can also set off something a lot more intense here. And pay a high price for causing it.

  14. Far from reality,
    ‘They ALL voted in favor to the rules to impeach’.
    Both parties, Get back to me after the childish pissing match led by a dementia patient means something.
    Pretty sure now that FISA McCain Clinton funded handed over document was about Russian water sports with the Clintons and Obama’s.
    Rules about impeachment are meaningless, only ignorant vote wishing.

  15. The Democrats are openly Communists that are in the process of overthrowing what is still left of this Constitutional government. Waiting until this gets worse will see it actually accomplished. It isn’t just Congress Democrats, it is all of them– governors, mayors, sheriffs, etc. Hitler gets a lot of historical hate, but he saved Germany from becoming Bolshevik Communist by fighting the Communist political party vying to control Germany. It took actual fighting in the streets to do it. Communists are thieves and murderers wherever they have come into power. Resistance cannot wait when the enemy has the power to win. Elections won’t ever be a remedy any more because they are so corrupted. The traitors need to be forcefully removed and imprisoned, but who will do it? It likely cannot be done civilly or peacefully. Even the Commie UN is drooling to rush in to crush national turmoil.

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