Dems refuse to cooperate in Trump’s voter fraud probe

DML: President Trump signed an executive order in May, creating the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, in an effort to investigate suspected voter fraud.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who serves as vice chair on the committee, sent a letter this week to all 50 states, requesting their voter registration data, specifying he only wanted “publicly-available voter roll data” under the laws of each state.

Kobach also requested recommendations from each state on how to improve integrity in the election process.

Already, Democratic officials are digging in their heels and declaring they are not about to turn over the requested voter roll data, which includes names, dates of birth, the last four digits of Social Security numbers, voter history, political party, felony convictions, and military status.

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  1. Minnesota is one of those dim Dem states that refuse to turn over the data. You wonder how we elected Al Franken? WE DID’T!

    It was a trunk-full of fake ballots.

    Just one more month and I’m gone! Just one tear for my house, gardens and friends.

  2. After eight years of smug-taunting us with “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to fear”, the Dems have suddenly reverted to invoking it with bitter irony like they did in the Bush years. Sunlight please, Dems. Remember: “Democracy Dies In Darkness.”

  3. Oh, Claudia! Where are you relocating? We live in a D county in a D state and will be leaving, too. Not right away, but in a year or two. I’ve lived here my entire life and in this house for 40+ years. Would like to know how it’s done.

  4. AA, I’m heading back home. All my family is in Western Michigan (Lower) where I was born and raised. Beautiful red county far from deep blue Detroit.

    Been in MN for 35 years. Leaving the house (updated much and now I want to keep it) and beautiful landscaping that my roommate worked her butt off getting just perfect. We just got so sick of MN politics and our jobs. She just left yesterday and the house is empty except for my few things left to live on for then next month. I can hear my echo in the living room.

    Good luck with your move. God will bless you if you let him lead. I keep having to remember (after he toinks me on the head to remind me when I start to freak out) to let him have control!

  5. One of Nevada’s congressmen, Dina Titus (D – Las Vegas, California), sent a letter to the secretary of state urging her not to cooperate with the advisory commission. She (a Republican), in turn, has announced that all she’ll release is public voter information.

  6. “Republicans are idiots”

    They’re freaken retarded. If they stayed half as unified as the Communists we’d be winning big. We need to primary some Mutha Fxckers bad.

  7. Not that it matters, but I think I may be a good barometer for what’s going on with conservatives, but I no longer associate with the Republican party, and disassociated some time ago. They do not represent conservatism, are as corrupt as the Democrats, and as you can see, are not taking up the fight for Trump and the way forward for the USA.

    F ’em, I have been done for some time now.

  8. What Mr. Pinko said.

    Give ebby buddy free voter registration cards. Barky promoted it in
    africa, why not here?

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