Dems Response Address After Trump Punctuates How Lost They Are

The face of the left since Trump’s election has been angry, twisted, froth-flecked and reactionary, and the media seconded that emotion, calling thugs destroying property “patriotic dissenters.”

But you can almost hear and smell the hamster wheels inside the head of the dope that put together last night’s response address –

“Trump is angry, reactionary and twisted. We need a message that contrasts. What else is Trump? He’s inexperienced! That’s it. If we get a calm, experienced democrat to rebut the unhinged, angry Trump, the people will begin to see this contrast.

Do we have a calm, hinged, experience democrat?”

The producers recruited a household name, whose name escapes me right now, but I’m sure they know it in his household. He was the former governor of Kentucky… I think, and a guy that Lifezette quipped, “has no political future.”

He sat in a diner, surrounded by nothing but white folk (the left just hadda love those optics) and homespun a tale of the good old days when democrats were in power. Then they all had a nice piece of peach cobbler and went to whittlin’.

This was more of an update from the pasture than a fierce rebuttal.

The lasting memory of this failed response is that Trump outsmarted everyone once again.

He was the calm, hinged, healing statesman, and he sounded like he’s been doing this for years, giving much of the television audience the feeling that we are in good hands. This made the guy in the response look like a loon when he talked about derision and division.

Did he not see Trump open with a call for unity, a message threaded throughout his address?

In this piece from Lifezette, a lefty is reported to have said, “it’s a sad time to be a democrat.”

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  1. the visual of them scrambling to be the first out the door when trump closed with god and making america great was all i needed to see, did not need to listen to their “rebuttal”

    for them, trump’s speech was like showing a crucifix to a vampire

  2. The unintended consequences will be progressive couples aged 40 to 55 will kick out 20+ year old kids from the basement to best protect their nest egg from the evil republicans. Jobs will fill and the economy will improve. Who ever said Trump wasn’t their president is doing exactly what Trump wants them to do!!

  3. The optics of having an old white guy deliver the response just shows how clueless the dumbocrats really are. The only reason I can think of, is that he wasn’t from California or New York, so I guess that’s how they think they can connect with middle America.

  4. He may have been right! Many GOPe folks are just as comfortable parroting Democrat policies as Republican ones! George Wallace many years ago ran for President on the platform “that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties”!

  5. He said he was a proud Republican, Democrat and mostly American. If that didn’t cause some head scratching across the country, nothing did. Who picked this guy, anyway?
    WE say ‘most of ALL, American. Right?

  6. Rush’s opening monologue was ACES!

    He’s so on the money. Many of those Democrats sat there listening to Trump and it was clear they never bothered to listen to a single speech he ever gave. And the real Trump bore no resemblance to the Monster Trump they created in their minds.

  7. In his speech, Trump emphasized that Obamacare was a disaster, and then explained why – rising costs, retreating health insurance providers, etc. Beshear spent a lot of his rebuttal time claiming Obamacare was a good thing, but he had absolutely no answer for Trump’s criticism of the ACA, and even admitted Obamacare needed fixing.

    Beshear also complained that those who govern should be concerned with the people and not with their own interests. Apparently Beshear didn’t listen to Trump’s speech – this was exactly the content and tone of Trump’s presentation.

    Finally, Beshear bitched about the billionaires and Wall Street folk in Trump’s cabinet. But I’m kind of o.k. with that – these are folks who demonstrated they know what they are doing, and they don’t need government “service” to make their mark on life. Look at Trump – he is rich, he is famous, and he certainly did not need the Presidency to be considered very successful in life – and contrast that with Bill and Hillary Clinton who made hundreds of millions of dollars through their government “service.”

    Beshear was a sacrificial lamb, or in this case a sacrificial old goat, who has no politicial future to worry about and who was put on to rebut a speech that was essentially unrebuttable. Neither Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi nor Al Franken would risk their future political careers doing this.

  8. They looked like losing losers that lose.
    I think somebody should have ran around the room smacking these people on the back so their faces stick like that.
    Oh wait.
    Never mind.
    Every day they wake up they show that face to the mirror when they realize they are still losing.
    Because they are losers.
    That Lose.

  9. Where were all those Dems just waiting to run against Trump in 2020? Why wasn’t Cory Booker given the chance at a rebuttal, or Kristen Gillibrand? Why not give Chelsea some national exposure if she’s serious about running for the Senate?

    What a bunch of sniveling cowards. They don’t want the majority in the nation to see the race obsessed bunch of socialist at the heart of their party. They want America to think they’re Mayberry RFD, not the nightmare clown show they really are.

  10. Trump is angry, reactionary and twisted…unhinged, angry Trump…Trump is angry, reactionary and twisted…unhinged, angry Trump…

    You can stop now. The spell isn’t working. It just sounds pathetic and desperate.

  11. Nothing like using an old has-been to deliver a message about ‘new and improved’.
    It didn’t work for Hillary, why would it work now?

  12. Priceless.

    Trump signaled clearly last night three separate times to Doomed Polosi that he has already fitted her for a hanging noose to proclaim her the official public sacrificial goat for all the failures and lies of Obamacare.
    Obama is still too popular (for now, but just wait) to hang for it. But Nancy is made for it, and like Hilary her usefulness is suddenly over. The Dems will soon be offering her up for sacrifice themselves.

    The Dems last night looked petulant, unhelpful and unpatriotic, a word that is about to come back into frequent usage.
    Trump brilliantly stole the high ground, and all their best talking points.
    How can they possibly be seen to oppose any of the positives he proposed?
    Trump’s a great salesman, like all successful developers. He’s infinitely better at selling Hope than was lazy slackerboy Obama.

    3 D Chess continues. The Dems aren’t even playing Checkers.

    Loving it. We are so blessed. MAGA.


    “Most vampires don’t believe in the cross, but that hardly matters. It’s the idea of the thing that gives them fits. The cross confronts vampires with their opposite — with the rejection of power and its single-minded pursuit. It suggests that no one is to be treated as prey — not even an enemy. The idea of the cross, in other words, suggests that vampires have it wrong, that they have it backwards, in fact, and that those others they regard as prey are actually, somehow, winning.”


  14. Davy ::: Marshall Applewhite, Heaven’s Gate cult… VERY Funny. Were those the people that wore the same tennis shoes and asked to be “beamed up”?

  15. They wheeled that guy out of the dementia ward at the Home For Old Failed Loser Democrats, gave him a little jello and put him in front of a camera. Thank you, now change his Depends and back to bed.

  16. Leaked telephone conversation. Brashear: “You’re darn tootin’ right I’ll do it! I’ll give that young whippersnapper a piece of my mind. When I get through with him he won’t be able to sit for a week! Where’s that rice pudding you promised? Is today the 14th? I like to wear this sweater on the 14th.”

  17. The Dems wanted Andy Griffith to give the rebuttal, but he died in 2012. That didn’t stop him from voting for Hillary last November, though.

  18. It was all about the optics of a middle-america, non-establishment, homespun, bluedog democrat party. They know they have to go back to the center for any hope of rebuilding the party. The “hope” of an extreme Leftward tack under Teh One finally caught up with them.
    Fuck em.

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