Dems Suddenly Keen On Term Limits Now that 87-Year-Old Feinstein Won’t Destroy Filibuster

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The long knives have been out for Dianne for the past four years, but have become sharpened to a fine point since the 2020 Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation.

The New Yorker, which the last time I checked was a left-wing rag, wrote a hit piece about Feinstein’s “missteps” and possible cognitive decline, and questioned whether she was just too old to be in office.

Strangely, there are no cries for 81-year-old Nancy Pelosi’s resignation. This is despite the fact that Pelosi has cognitive missteps of her own, quite often slurs her words, holds bizarre press conferences, and almost lost the House in 2020, barely hanging on to a thin margin.

Democrats are scared, which is why they are trying to shove H.R. 1 through—but save for AOC intimating that it might be time to put Pelosi out to pasture, nobody is demanding she resign.

Feinstein is made of sterner stuff and apparently ignored the piece, because in January 2021, she filed to run for another term when her current one is up in 2024. Feinstein would be 91 years old. More

7 Comments on Dems Suddenly Keen On Term Limits Now that 87-Year-Old Feinstein Won’t Destroy Filibuster

  1. She’s just too self serving, which makes her a typical Democrat of any age, sex, color, or pronoun.

  2. For all their time in political office, campaigning on helping the people that will send them there, it seems America hasn’t gotten what we paid for. But the politician has certainly gotten what they paid, with their souls in some cases, for.

  3. It’s not she’s doing much harm these days, she scarcely knows where she is.
    All they’re troubled with is changing her soiled sheets and rolling her over every few hours to keep the bed sores in check.

  4. They shouldn’t sell her too short, she’s still frisky if the rumors are true. The word is that Chuck Schumer had to be treated for the clap after a romantic evening with the aging minx.


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