Dems Try To Take Gingrich’s Old Seat Tomorrow

There’s a special election tomorrow to select a House member for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District to replace Tom Price our new HHS secretary. The democrats are running one candidate, Jon Ossoff, against six republican candidates who are splitting the vote amongst themselves. If Ossoff can garner 50% of the vote, he’ll win outright and not have to face a run off. He’s currently sitting at 46%.


FiveThirtyEight handicaps the election Here

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  1. Egotistical Republicans are their own worst enemy. A valiant republican would bow out to get people to coalesce around a single candidate.

  2. @Phenry; I’m not so sure. There are a lot of different “flavors” of republicans. If you run one of each flavor you may end up catching all the gop voters as well as some Reagan democrats and keep the main democrat candidate away from the 50%. If you keep him away from that then it gives you the time needed to get behind the republican winner and adjust the election message to appeal to all the gop voters including those Reagan Republicans. It might be crazy like a fox.

  3. Scr_north, at one point, we had more than a dozen Republicans in this race. Phenry is right that there are too many vanity candidates, and the GOP should have discouraged so many from running.

    That said, it is a given that polls are skewed towards Ossoff. They were ridiculous during the general election Ossoff is running a parachute and astroturf campaign, which would be more effective if there was no runoff, but there will be a runoff. All the old-schoolers are voting on election day, and they are all voting republican.

    Ossoff cannot maintain his base until June, because the enthusiasm for him is fake, yoing and fickle. The Dems will try to make him appear viable in the polls, but his Springtime Soldiers will be his June AWOLS, and he will lose by 7 points in the runoff.

  4. And they keep talking about Trump barely winning this district. If Trump, Gary Johnson and Egg McMuffin were running for this seat, that might be relevant.

    Karen Handel will clean Ossoff’s clock in June, and make the DNC spend more to see Ossoff get crushed.

  5. I waited in line to vote for about 30 minutes last Wednesday, in the middle of the day, and my husband waited an hour and a half on Friday afternoon. I don’t know what that means, but people are definitely turning out for this election. Puh-leez God, let it be anti-Ossoff turnout!!!!!!

  6. tony r, just the point i was going to make…6 “republicans”, that should splinter the vote enuf for the democrat to slither thru to a victory


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