Dems using profanity is a “thing” now: Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) uses it to target President Trump – IOTW Report

Dems using profanity is a “thing” now: Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) uses it to target President Trump


Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY), a hopeful to take on President Trump in the 2020 election, swore at the president in her remarks to the Personal Democracy Forum in New York on Friday.

First, discussing Trump’s tenure, Gillibrand asked, “Has he kept any of these promises?”

“No. F*ck no,” she said.

“Sorry,” Gillibrand continued. “I understand this is a younger audience. It’s ok.”

Later, seemingly bashing her own party, Gillibrand said that many Americans “haven’t felt that [Democrats] have been fighting for them.”

“Fundamentally, if we are not helping people, we should go the f*ck home,” she said.  more here

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  1. The idiot Bint is one of his Senators and works for him and all other New Yorkers. Time for NY to fire her!

  2. Dem women take pride in the fact that they are all graceless, vulgar, “nasty” women.
    …And they all are.

  3. Tried to contact her by web form email yesterday right after her tantrum, but mysteriously, her server went down. I guess she received lots of blowback.

  4. I can’t stand a fukkin fukker who fukkin don’t know nuff English to fukkin speak without fukkin, y’know, cussin and shit.
    Dirty-dick, fowl-mouthed, fukkin cussers oughta no better’n be blabbing they’re no good, fowl-mouths off at any goddammmed fukkin, pussy-drippin, dick-waggin time that the no-count shit-stained, twat-wafflin, shit-pickle-eatin, dog-breath bastards think!

    no whatta means?

  5. The Left continues to coarsen and degrade Civil discourse. Dragging all political discussion into the sewer.
    Deliberate. The goal is to make the country ungovernable and make civil Democracy impossible.

  6. Yea that’ll bring back the working class voters. Cuss out the guy who is trying to bring back jobs and keep out terrorists

  7. Notice the conditional morality of leftism. There will also come a time when it will be okay to machine-gun Americans into a ditch en masse. Just as the Left’s holy sacrament is the dissection of viable babies who have no voice.

    We must fight them tooth and nail.

  8. BigGun. I just sent her a note: “Some role model you are? You go to f**k home.”
    I wonder will she reply?

  9. The Senators used to at least try give the impression of decorum and civility. I guess that’s a quaint notion now.

  10. @Dianny: You hit too many excellent points to list. Thank you!

    @Moe Tom: I’d expect a response of, “F*** you.” 😉

  11. The Dems still have no idea why Trump won. They call him vulgar–then suppose vulgarity must be his mojo–so they give it a shot. The’re too arrogant to realize that their policies are the problem, not their public persona.

  12. This is no accident or faux pas. It is calculated to try and appeal to millineals and shed the Hillary-Bernie age stigma. Major advertising firms are including the F-bomb in advertising used in select markets for some products including Lexus LI “we f***ing dare you”. The dems marketing consultants have been training them to drop the f-bomb (followed by the obligatory “oops” when addressing younger groups.

  13. Whatever happened to the 7 dirty words you couldn’t say on TV or radio? Are they no longer obscene like they used to be or have they become so commonplace now that no one seems to care anymore?

  14. As she dropped the F bombs, you could see she had a look of, “OMG I actually said it! I said it! I did it!”
    She wasn’t sure she should, but she did it anyway because of marching orders. That tells you something about her. Plus the fact that hillary got her that job. I can’t wait to hear hillary drop some F bombs.

  15. The same pukes that whine under criticism that we should “Have respect for the office”.
    I hate the left.

  16. Dear Democrats,

    If you want to resort to a lack of civility – en masse – then be prepared for a civil war to restore it.

  17. Shouldn’t she be happy that Trump (at least in her mind)is not living up to his promises. What she really means is that he is not living up to Hillary’s promises. After all that’s what Rinos and the GOPe usually do after winning elections.

  18. No, it’s not OK, you commie Dembot – leftists proving the lengths they will go to establish a so-called moral high ground of ideals. Obviously, that strategy gets destroyed just by the simple fact Gillibrand was admonished for cursing in front of a 9 yr. old girl. So much for “It’s for the children”. The left’s rotten, dead soul exposed once again.

  19. When they run out of the ability to put together a cohesive sentence, (even one labored over by a leftist script writer), they either stutter, (obama), screech, (waters, pelosi, HRC, warren, & etc) or curse

    They are cursing/stuttering, because they can’t read the damn TelePrompTer or pronounce the 6th grade vocabulary, as written.

  20. OOOOOOOOOO. So impressive. Now that you’ve shown us you know how to swear like the big
    boys, are you going to demonstrate how you stand up to piddle?

    If you were in an audience where President Trump spoke to you in that manner, what would you
    be doing right now, Kirsten Sweetie? What would the headlines say about that??

  21. The last time I said that word, I had just stepped in a pile of schumer that some liberal dog owner failed to pick up.

  22. They think they’re being edgy and cool and hip and will attract young voters.
    In reality they are being lame and crude and vulgar and phony and are not attracting anyone but wannabe hippies.

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