Dems Withdraw Articles of Impeachment

Story here

Rep.  Al Green

A little more on Rep. Al Greene (D)  

The “Rep.” stands for Reprehensible.

12 Comments on Dems Withdraw Articles of Impeachment

  1. “The House should schedule a roll call vote on the articles immediately. Force the dems</strike UNIPARTY REPUBLICANS to reveal themselves.”

    fixed it for you

  2. This won’t be the end of the impeachment dance; they’ll take turns doing the “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” to impress the folks in their district for campaign fodder.

  3. Al Greene was sued by a former employee (who’s also a lawyer) for sexual assault and discrimination in 2008. The lawsuit amazingly went away and is NEVER mentioned in the media.

    Maybe Al should come clean about his predatory behavior. There are probably more out there who would come forward.

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