Dems’ worst nightmare: BLM and MAGA activists jointly demonstrate against vax mandates

Thomas Lifson

According to a Twitter feed from Leeroy Johnson, a group of MAGA and BLM activists joined together to demonstrate outside the Manhattan home of New York State Assembly member Linda Rosenthal, who is sponsoring a bill to make COVID vaccinations mandatory.  Johnson identified himself as an “independent photographer” and says he takes no sides.

Here is his tweet with film of the smallish demonstrations, followed by MAGA and BLM activists identifying themselves and speaking of their joint effort: more

6 Comments on Dems’ worst nightmare: BLM and MAGA activists jointly demonstrate against vax mandates

  1. New rule!

    POC Democrats are exempt.

    White people and Black White Supremacist Republicans must be jabbed.

    I have spoken.

    So let it be written.

    So let it be done.

  2. “Progressives” will rue the day they opened this Pandora’s box. What this represents is the prog leaderships worst nightmare. Groups they have worked feverishly to divide are finding common ground and it is they who are the odd man out. Only a bunch of fucking idiots like the Biden malAdministration could not recognize that mandating vaccines was guaranteed to unite people who differ fundamentally on almost every other topic.

    Was I the first one to notice and comment on the dichotomy this was going to highlight regarding how the pro choice crowd has used this statement to punctuate and end any further debate on the subject.

    Perhaps I was, up until I posted on what I was recognizing as a conflicting message being sent out by the progressive element, I had never seen or heard anyone else mention this. But the tension it creates cannot be overlooked or underestimated. It certainly makes them defend the statement as an absolute in light of their standard bearer having usurped the right to dictate what all are required to do regarding vaccination.

    “In the real world, of course, conservatives have no particular interest in what women do with their bodies and have never challenged a woman’s freedom to reproduce. No, it was Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and her fellow progressives who wanted to limit reproductive freedom. “Possibly drastic and Spartan methods may be forced upon American society,” wrote Sanger in 1922, “if it continues complacently to encourage the chance and chaotic breeding that has resulted from our stupid, cruel sentimentalism.””

    ““As your President, I’m announcing tonight a new plan to require more Americans to be vaccinated, to combat those blocking public health,” said the president. “This is not about freedom or personal choice.” That much was obvious. The president’s mandate, by his own estimate, would affect two-thirds of all workers or about 100 million Americans, nearly half of them female. And except perhaps for those women working for the Post Office, there was nothing “negotiable” about this assault on their bodily integrity.”

  3. It has always been the intentions of the democrats, globalists, swamp creatures, and assorted scaley creeping things to eliminate all blacks and non-whites, interracial people, and conserv-whites who don’t go for the racism-segregation creeds of the left. Planned Parenthood is just one example of this vile annihilation of people.

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