Dennis Prager Does a Complete About Face – “I Was Wrong – Donald Trump Is a Great President”

Prager finally gets it. The lightbulb went off in his, otherwise brilliant, mind.

“The only way to advance the principles of conservatism in the United States is to not give a damn.” – Dennis Prager


That’s what we’ve been saying, you crazy bastards. By default conservatives are usually genteel. They fold under the pressure of the gutter. Trump is our hired gun that comes into town and sits everyone down to tell everyone to forget all about how they were doing things in the past. “There’s a new sheriff in town, and you might be a little put off about how I go about what I’m doing, but trust me.”

Ben Shapiro. You’re a precocious one, arntya? Sit down and learn a little something instead of pontificating like you know what’s best. Ya don’t.

Conservatives  haven’t achieved anything in decades. We’ve gotten a lot with Trump. The brash, embarrassing, uncouth, Twittering lout is doing it.


“[Donald Trump] is so much better a president than Mitt Romney would’ve made,” said Prager, describing Romney as “tepid” and concerned with appealing to news media outlets such as The New York Times.

Would I like Donald Trump to have Mitt Romney’s temperament, or for that matter Barack Obama’s temperament? Yeah. So what? I would like a whole host of things. People are packages. What a president does is more important to me than a president’s demeanor. He is so much better a president than Mitt Romney would’ve made. Any Republican is better than any Democrat, that’s just the way it is. Having said that, Romney would’ve been a tepid president. Nothing comparably conservative compared to Donald Trump.

“He has turned out to be a great president with big communication flaws, in the way he tweets and some of the things he says and his temperament,” said Prager. “My temperament is the opposite. I love dignity. I love understatement. Okay, so be it. So what? I’m not sure I’d be as good a president as he. How do you like that? That’s how good he’s been.”



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  1. At least he came around and is saying in public that President Trump is doing a great job. Hey Shapiro, Kristol, and all you NeverTrumpers, paying attention yet?

  2. Now if all the other NeverTrumpers get it through their thick, stubborn skulls.

    For the “Conservatives” (Ann Coulter) that go bat-shit crazy with every move Trump makes.

    Dear liberals:

    He bested you in the electoral college, passed a tax cut without you, turned the shutdown against you, and repealed your beloved health care mandate.

    He’s unraveling your gains on judges, welfare, and regulation.

    Do you think you’ll outsmart him on immigration?

  3. Trump articulates conservatism in a way that resonates with people like no candidate since Reagan. I don’t give a damn about gentlemanly behavior; I wanted someone who would kick ass. And he IS! 👍🏻😁

  4. Praeger University has a super bunch of short films that teach various aspects of conservatism. Great guest presenters.

    I love his radio show. He is a calm teacher. His Trump-conversion is the wave catching hold.

    President Trump reminds me of the Hunger Games. The MockingTrump spreads silently, due to suppression by MSM and the screeching of the left, but it grows and unites America everyday.

  5. I, too, would prefer quiet dignity and genteel manners—-if it worked. And in the right context it does. But when you’re in a barfight with berserk idiots, the first object is to win. Quiet dignity is for after you’ve won.

  6. God works in mysterious ways, and He looks upon that whole human package mentioned above.

    I look upon President Trump, the same way that I look at Oskar Schindler… the man was an alcoholic, a womanizer and profiteer of slave labor during the war. And yet, he saved 1,100 people from destruction, despite all those fleeting faults. An ethical man among the madness.

    President Trump is saving America (and a good part of Western Civilization) from destruction — from socialism, from totalitarian thought, and especially from barbarous terrorism. So what if he has surface faults – bluntness, brashness, etc, But his bluntness has been truths, not lies … Crooked Hillary, Fake News, Drain the Swamp, Garbage countries, all of it. An ethical man among the madness.

    The people of the USA chose Trump, and Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

  7. Prager- jackass with a grossly bloated ego. I don’t give a damn what you think.
    By the way, Trump is the greatest president since the founders. His no BS demeanor and communication skills are an enormous asset in todays insane PC world. And a HUGE reason for his success. Take your phony dignity and shove it up your fat ass.

  8. James O’Keefe explained the problem with the R’s the other night on U.S. & Eh? radio: As soon as the media starts in on one of them, they’re all too willing to throw one another under the bus just to get the heat of the the media off them and they don’t stick up for each other.

    D’Souza said the same thing in his speech at the University of Washington last fall: “When I worked in D.C., the daily bible was the Washington Post. If there was a bad news story that day (about a Republican or conservative), the talk would be ‘Well, there goes Bob’s career’. They’d completely fold. Not only is Trump fighting the policy fights, he’s fighting the culture war. While he’s arguing for repealing obamacare, he’s lobbing twitter bombs back at Meryl Streep!”

  9. There is definitely a misunderstanding about the dignity and decorum of past presidents and presidential candidates. I’m surprised Prager and other learned men who study history either don’t know or forget this: Jefferson and Adams went after each other hammer and tongs in the press. Jefferson even hired a “hatchet man”. Adams, however, thought he was above such dirty tactics.

    “Things got ugly fast. Jefferson’s camp accused President Adams of having a “hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.” In return, Adams’ men called Vice President Jefferson “a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.” As the slurs piled on, Adams was labeled a fool, a hypocrite, a criminal, and a tyrant, while Jefferson was branded a weakling, an atheist, a libertine, and a coward. Even Martha Washington succumbed to the propaganda, telling a clergyman that Jefferson was “one of the most detestable of mankind.””

  10. I don’t care even a little bit how much of the china he brakes.
    I don’t believe there was another person out there that could come close to accomplishing what he has thus far.
    He just got done humiliating Chuck Shumer and for that alone he deserves praise. But there’s a whole lot more, it just keeps coming.

  11. Dennis is a very learned man, but learned men keep learning. Hopefully he learned that if things had gone the other way and Hillary wound up as President, the world would have never seen President Trump’s accomplishments… and Dennis Prager would have been a contributor to that!

  12. Dennis Prager I can forgive. Hugh Hewitt is another matter. I’ll never trust him after his ridiculous performance at one of the debates. Never.

  13. The idea that the President has to be a smoothie originated with Washington. He started above the fray, and wanted to stay there. Only a few since have the demeanor like Trump, and then, as they say, it’s about time one does.

  14. AA, HH is just like EE: pretending to understand Trump now, but ready to betray him at a moment’s notice if they see an opportunity. They tip their hand on a daily basis, and it is comical and infuriating at the same time. When the “shithole” brouhaha broke, EE said, “We have to face the fact that we have a man-child as President.” And just a few days ago, EE said that only the conservative fringe believes in an FBI/DOJ coverup. None of them want to deal with the FISA memo. Hewitt constantly repeats the mantra, “Let Standup Guy Mueller Do His Job” and has a parade of MSM guests every morning to spin the news. I only listen so as to know my enemies.

  15. He still doesn’t get “it.” Without his ‘communications problems,’ DJT would be as ineffectual as the rest of those RINO turds, including the so-called conservatives! The conservatives couldn’t even conserve the bathrooms!

  16. Both Bushes and to a degree, Obama and Clinton acted presidentially, how did all that work out?
    Slick was being sucked by an intern and Bowrock was sucking mooch the tranny in the WH.
    No, I don’t really care if they find out Trump eats crackers in bed.

  17. I hate to be the contrarian but there was NO turn around. I listen to and read Dennis Prager regularly and from the very first column that he wrote on the matter he stated that ‘if he’s nominated I will support him’. He DOES state that he is doing a better job than he expected but he supported him from the nomination on.

  18. I’ve been a real Prager fan for over 20 years and he’s a super smart thinker. So, for him to admit that I knew something he didn’t know is quite something. But, Prager only disagreed about Trump initially. He was never smug or condescending about it. In fact, at a crucial time he wrote a column to his readers and said that he had a disagreement with many of them, but that he respected their difference of opinion. He added that hopefully, he had built up enough respect with his readers over the years so that we could all get through the disagreement and remain friends.
    Many of you remember that Glenn Beck took the opposite tack. He hated Trump, so he denounced his fans who didn’t, figuring there had to be something wrong with them. It’s the reason I haven’t listened to Beck since but still love Prager.

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