Dennis Prager: The Left, Part One

What combination of factors make America’s left a rabid pack of idiots who flaunt their intolerance every day?
Radio Host Dennis Prager lifts the curtain on what makes the left so stupid and nasty. Here

8 Comments on Dennis Prager: The Left, Part One

  1. Prager is doing a great service for America with his PragerU, too. I watched the debate he did at Berkeley with those two Progressive students. It’s on YT, if you are interested.

  2. Philosophically, Prager is pretty good, if you don’t have to listen to his bloated, self important, irritating personality.

  3. I have a less complicated theory.
    The really rabid ones are those
    who got heavily into drugs in
    their teens. They froze their
    mental abilities at that time
    and age. Trapped in adolescence
    they never grew up, learned to
    think logically or solve problems.
    Anger is the air they breathe
    and they use it to get through
    their empty, miserable days.

  4. Prager is my rabbi and I am Cat-lick…

    Looking forward to the rest of the story…I always listen to DP when I get the chance to.

    @ Jim -What is irritating?

    @ AA- YES

    Thank you Dr. T for posting.


  5. I’ve been a long-time listener to Prager and like very much his ability to break things down so they can be easily understood. I really like his “clarity over agreement” approach; we don’t have to agree, but let’s understand why. Another one I discovered a few years ago is Evan Sayet. The video I’m linking is the first one I ever saw of his. It’s fantastic. I’ve often wondered why I never see anything about this guy anywhere.

  6. @ Ted Nougat — Thank you for bringing up Evan Sayet! I’ve been trying to remember that guy’s name for months!!

    Another guy I love (and miss so much) is M. Stanton (Stan) Evans. I learned so much about communism in America from him.

  7. @ Ted – got two minutes in and I was convinced.

    @ AA- looked Evans up.

    Thanks both.



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