Dennis Prager to Testify Before Senate About Big Tech’s Speech Suppression

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Conservative radio host, author, and co-founder of PragerU Dennis Prager is set to testify before the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution about Big Tech’s on July 16.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that conservative radio host and author Dennis Prager is set to testify before the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution chaired by Senator Ted Cruz on July 16.

Prager is set to release a documentary on free speech that he produced alongside comedian Adam Carolla in a few months. The movie titled No Safe Spaces focuses on political correctness on college campuses, a topic which Carolla already commented on at a Congressional hearing two years ago.

Prager’s non-profit organization PragerU which produced short, informative videos on political, economic and philosophical topics has claimed to be censored online on multiple occasions even taking YouTube to court over the alleged censorship.


14 Comments on Dennis Prager to Testify Before Senate About Big Tech’s Speech Suppression

  1. I have been a fan since KABC was a consevartive station and he did “Religion on the Line” Ronny was President then! they have not been conservative for decades and Larry + Denis left decades ago.

  2. I can’t wait to watch the democraps ask such insightful questions as, “If Prager is allowed his free speech, will Youtube TIP OVER” 🥴 … and such… 🙄

  3. He. Will. Own. Them. (In 5 minutes or less!)

    BTW, are you allowed to smoke a cigar during a Senate testimony?

  4. I respect Dennis Prager. If the left allows him to actually talk and answer serious questions (rather than them taking their five minutes to make a speech), he WILL own them.

    I’m afraid they know that, thus they will not allow him to answer.

  5. I almost exclusively listen to Dennis Prager over Rush anymore. My local radio station KXLY AM 920 has carried him for the last 4-5 years or so at the same time Rush is on 9 AM to Noon. Dennis Prager makes me think and is an excellent spokesman of conservative and American and Judeo Christian values and worldview. And he’s dead on right that the left taints everything it touches.

  6. Claudia you are 100% right. The Dem Reps will take their whole time lecturing Dennis on how he is a hater, divider, homophobe extra extra and then say my time is up.

    And it won’t be just one Dem taking a nasty shot like they did with Candice Owens but it will be every single one of them. The Republican members will give Prager time but it will be an ugly affair.

  7. And the chamber will be pretty much empty. Was going to say and nobody came, but that would be a free shot.

  8. The thing about Prager that is different than the Candice Owens and others that speak in the public, he keeps it close to home. Yes, they will pull half-quotes and chopped up snippets from the thousands of air time. But Dennis is not a child, he is more like the wise Grandfather. He is above the Ben Shapiro’s. Don’t worry, Claudia, he will be prepared.
    And whatever circus they want to perform in front of him, he will come out the ringmaster. That is my prediction.

    Along the same lines, @andoneinthechamber, yes, if I was a democrat stategist I would say, “sit this one out”.

  9. I’d sure like to know who else is providing testimony. It’s time and past time that our Do-Nothing Congress finally put this most important issue on the calendar. What the hell were they waiting for, anyway?! The 2020 GE, no doubt.

  10. went through a lot to get here but still can not get the current testimony before Congress very disappointing .

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