Dennis Prager Wants You To Save a Stranger Over Your Dog in a Crisis

Sorry, Dennis. I agree with you almost 100% of the time and consider you a titan in the conservative world. On this issue we part ways.

The reader’s digest version of his essay published in The Daily Signal is that he’s deeply disappointed that people will save their dogs over another human being, failing to note that my dog would save me over the other stranger.

I reward loyalty, no matter how much he wants to guilt me by introducing scripture into the argument. (Yes, he does that, and that is the thrust of his article.)

My dogs had eyes, expressive eyes, and have looked me in the eye to talk to me about a host of things. I’m not going to be haunted by the terrified eyes of my dog, looking to me for protection, while I turn my back to save… should I say it?… a person that has a 50% chance of being a lefty.

Sorry Dennis,

Kumbaya somewhere else.

ht/ fdr in hell


86 Comments on Dennis Prager Wants You To Save a Stranger Over Your Dog in a Crisis

  1. If I had to save my dog I know who I’m saving. There is a chance I’d save a stranger only to have them turn around and rob me. I’ll save my dog first.

  2. I hate hypothetical arguments that try to make you feel guilty. I’ll deal with it when the situation arises, and I’ll deal with the consequences afterward.

  3. The article is unfair in that he brings up a story where a guy saved the family dog over his wife on a sinking boat.
    He went back for her after the dog was saved.
    That is a far different scenario. We have no way of knowing what the relationship was at that point and it introduces biases.
    This is not a case of stranger versus loyal dog, so I don’t know why it’s in the article.

  4. As related in the article story, I would save both…..

    ….otherwise it would depend on the person. If it were Hillary, Bill, Weinstein, Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, Maxine Waters, or the like? I’d throw them an anchor.

  5. BFH I will always remember the story you told about having a second bowl of cereal after Cody helped you finish off the first one!

  6. I loved all my dogs, and they loved me. But they are dogs, not people. Some of the comments in here are depressing, and show how we are losing our humanity. If it is a stranger whose life is in danger, we can’t know if he/she is “worthy” or not to be saved. You choose to save the human. They may have wives, children, loved ones. Police departments use K9 “officers” to go after criminals because their (the dogs) lives are expendable .

  7. I’d look at the situation from my dog’s standpoint. Would my actions make me so much as half the person my dog thinks I am?

    I don’t agree that dogs or any of God’s creatures are expendable. I don’t agree that humans are any less expendable than any of God’s creatures. Humans are the only creature on Earth that has the ability to wipe out all creatures, including himself. To me, that makes humans the MOST expendable creature in God’s eyes.

  8. I won’t bother reading Prager’s paper. I’ll save my dog first then once she’s secure go back (if possible) to save others. If I manage to save some then good for me but if by saving my dog someone else dies then I’ll be sorry for the family’s loss and say a prayer for them but I’ll sleep soundly at night.

  9. yes Tony R….Sometimes YOU CAN NOT know that there is time to do both of anything. Not even in a normal situation let alone a TRUE EMERGENCY.. Your daughter and your wife. Your daughter son and wife. Your daugther son wife and dog… Cannot know. IF it comes down to an actual choice…. Not a situation where I can do both, (in which case it is a lesser level of “emergency”)….My family first over ANY pet. AND…Anyone else’s child first before any pet.
    If it comes down to my family eating and surviving, or your child eating and surviving…not hungry… STARVING!! VS my dog or your dog I will feed the dog to my family and your child. And god help you if you get in the way like a fool. AND any stranger HUMAN will come over my dog every time also. I WILL give them the benefit of the doubt and figure them for the best sort of person in the world. If that turns out not to be the case after the fact…. Then I will eat them too at need.

  10. I agree Tony..what a sad and disappointing mind-set from BFH and some readers. Oh noes! Using the Bible as a foundation of dare Prager do that! How dare he challenge us and guilt trip us into making a decision on the sanctity of human life as opposed to a pet’s life. But the person could be a bad person who is mean and won’t appreciate me saving their life…a dog will lick my face…but, but! Stupid Bible with its stupid teachings telling us how to live our lives and makimg us decide on things that conflict with our wordly pleasures and lifestyles…Damn you Prager!

  11. “My” dog. Not “a” dog.
    “A” person. Not “my” person.

    I put that weight on my own back. However heavy or light it may be. My back is not your back, to command work as you see fit. (Well, unless you’re a Member of The Politburo. Them of course, comrade, my back is yours to command.)

  12. Every dog I ever had I loved! On this Denny is wrong! Never had, nor ever will, a stranger go into cold water to fetch my wounded duck!

  13. OK, if my dog and a stranger are drowning, I want to know why the hell a stranger was with my dog in the first place?

    And…screw humanity. It’s gone from this Earth never to return. Suck it up people.

  14. Figlio, you know what else is sad and disappointing is someone creating a hypothetical situation and having a bunch of strangers passing judgement on other’s responses without knowing the hypothetical situation that someone might have created in their own mind from which they formed their response. I wanted to save my dog, so I decided the stranger was a BLM or SPLC or Antifa or almost any muzzie, type guy and the decision was easy.

  15. “Police departments use K9 “officers” to go after criminals because their (the dogs) lives are expendable.” LOL

    That’s the Misconception of the Month there. Congratulations – maybe of the Year.

  16. @Figlio October 12, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    The Bible that says, according to Bible “experts”, that a marriage is between two men, until they decide that it’s not, anymore? And peter puffin’ is grand.

    Or the bible that says kill the peter puffers?

    Or is it The Bible that happens to agree with you? So that’s why we should shut up and oney. (The Bible, of course. Not you, in particular.)

  17. Ann: Dogs ARE expendable when compared to the life of an officer. Let’s see, should I (cop) go into that abandoned building to search for the murderer with a gun or should I send in a dog. Sorry if it offends you, but that is the calculation; which life do I risk.

  18. Not interested in Pragers take, I know what that is. But you are all assuming this is an adult. What if it’s a 3 year old?

  19. Figlio-
    Are you forcing me to fisk Prager’s entire tome?
    I will.
    I relish the part where he says we are hypocrites because we are meat eaters but would save the dog.

    We eat animals to survive. I’ve never eaten an animal, nor would I, that I had as a pet.
    But maybe I would if the circumstance forced me to. I say now that I wouldn’t. Who knows what I am capable of in a crisis?

    But Prager does realize that we kill humans, right?

    We’ve dropped bombs on people who may or may not be enemies. Were all those killings in order to survive?

    What is depressing is sanctimony.
    What is refreshing is honesty.

    I’m willing to go on record saying what I believe I would do.
    If the time ever came, who knows?

    But in my mind, as I sit here now, I’m saving my dog over somebody I don’t know.
    If I hear in the distance, my dog howling in pain and distress and also some dude, as I’m running to the scene I am not consumed with what’s happening to the dude, I am about what’s happening to my dog.
    Sorry if this bothers you, I’m telling the truth, and I think if you remove fake virtue signaling you’ll find that my reaction and emotion is the more authentic one given human psychology and the rings of compassion.

    It’s very possible that you just don’t have that kind of relationship with dogs, which is fine.
    But you have to be sympathetic to the person that does.

  20. Ann: Dogs ARE expendable when compared to the life of an officer. Let’s see, should I (cop) go into that abandoned building to search for the murderer with a gun or should I send in a dog. >>>

    Send in a human parasite. Send in a convicted felon. Send in a dude on death row.
    Oh, that’s right, they are scumbags and can’t be trusted.
    They are THAT disloyal to humanity, and untrustworthy, that we have to send in a trained dog.

    It’s not that we value the human life, it’s that they cannot be counted on like a dog who will run into danger because they trust and love their master so much.

    I’m saving my dog, the one that would save me.

  21. Let’s up the ante and make this more interesting.

    You’re on a ferry with your dog. Some guys with beards and a head scarves are talking.
    You hear a few Allahu Akbars peppered into this completely Arabic conversation.
    A wave comes in and knocks your dog and the Muslims into the water.
    Your dog is barking for help. The Muslims are yelling to you in Arabic.
    Who are you jumping in for with the rope and the life preserver?

  22. I am open to being reeducated.
    Point to me in scripture where it says I should save a human being over my dog.

    I will read it.

  23. I found humanity in the dictionary right between huckleberry and humbug.

    All life is expendable, just spend it well.

  24. Priorities. What “Conservative Inc.-ers” DON’T have.
    The world is falling apart, and this guy wants
    to moralize to us about THIS?!?

    It’s why I have a 0.000000001mm fuse to telling such folks to F off.

  25. God made dogs the way they are for a reason. They are our companions, helpmates, friends. They communicate, though not in words. But I can understand my dogs and they can understand me. When I am sad and grieving, it is not some stranger who comes to me, puts his head on my shoulder and comforts me. It is my dogs. So virtue-signal away, Figlio, I don’t care. I know what’s true for me.

  26. P.S. – I just changed my Amazon Smile contributions from Prager U to Judicial Watch.

    Also, I love the Dalmation portrait, BFH.

  27. Figlio is a good dude.

    The site used to have drag out fights abut stuff like this all the time back in the day.
    But it’s almost like I don’t want to do that anymore because of how divided this country has become.
    It seems as though we welcome the division.

    I don’t know how provocative we can be anymore without running the risk of alienation, which would suck because having these kinds of discussions is healthy (in terms of mental exercise.)

    Like I said, it’s becoming easier for us to wall off into our own space because we are so fatigued by the strident left judging us for every move we make.

  28. That was my pit/dal, and I’m floored that Doc would have tucked away a throwaway line I made a long time ago about him.

  29. RC-
    I still think Prager is brilliant.
    And I know now that if I fall down an elevator shaft with his labrador, Dennis is hauling me up the rope first.
    I have that going for me.

  30. Let’s make it more interesting still.
    Would you save your dog or a known Antifa/Berkeley/Marxist that hates every fiber of your white privileged being?

  31. I’ll waste my time for one more comment on this K9 kerfuffle.

    Police dogs are used in many more situations than “exploring abandoned buildings” for criminals. They’re used for intimidation (ask a BLM protester), for catch-and-hold, and for sensory investigations.

    When a K9 is shot or, more commonly, poisoned, ask his handler how expendable that dog was. K9’s are considered ‘partners’ for good reason.

    Anyway, we’re far afield from the topic of Prager’s Preachy Pooch Sermon.


  32. 1. I don’t think even Prager knows what he would do until the situation arose.
    2. Not everyone reads the Bible.

    3. I don’t answer anyone’s questions when they’re set up like traps.

    4. I don’t answer anyone’s questions unless everything is explained to me, in detail, what the situation is, who is involved, how dire it is, and what location, etc.

    Prager’s actions come off like he wants to be all judgey, and I’m not interested.

    Ann Thracts I’m going to add to your point-
    A friend of mine brought his bomb dog back with him from the Stahns. That dog was more than just some K-9.
    Check out the news sometimes and look at the K-9 handlers’ faces when their dogs were killed in action. Watch their faces when there’s a funeral held for them.

    Have a nice evening.

  33. I don’t have a dog. I have a cat who I’d save over just about anyone and I wouldn’t feel guilty about it.

  34. I disagree with Dennis Prager on this. I would save my dog and my dog would save me instead of a stranger.

  35. Dennis Prager say’s he’s a Conservative but calls Donald Trump “Nasty and unintelligent’.
    Those were his exact words.
    Prager is a Liberal regardless of what he claims. A Conservative would not tell you who to save if the decision had to be made. A Conservative would say the choice is yours.
    This is not a topic that has a clear answer as it’s an individual choice but, a Liberal would always insist you do it their way as Liberals don’t think you are smart enough to make your own choice.

  36. I would save my dogs (and cats) before a strange person, and a lot of familiar people as well. I would most likely save a stranger’s dog before the stranger & if the stranger didn’t say “save my dog “ I would probably not go back for the stranger.

  37. I’ll add one more thing.

    I’m no hypocrite.
    If I fell in the water heading for the falls with some guy’s dog, I would be thinking, “well, I’m frigged, the guy’s gotta save his dog.”

    I would understand and not die cursing the hell out of the “monster” who saved his beloved dog over me, a nobody to the guy.

    Prager is getting very judgey with this one.

    I might change my mind in the crisis, yet I’m being told I need reeducation.
    One could paint a scenario where he just might change his mind and save the dog over the human, yet, we’re not telling him he needs to get his mind right.

    God is my witness, I stopped watching football the day the Jets hired Michael Vick.
    Some people still watch football even though the “stars” on the field beat their wives.

    And I’m the nutcase.

  38. If it was a person like say Ashley Judd in a p*** hat screaming she is a nasty woman and a bus is going to hit either her or just a stray dog, doesn’t even have to be my dog, there is absolutely no two thoughts about it – the dog wins. And no one is going to guilt me out of that choice.

  39. He’s saying he likes dogs. I don’t think he’s feeling what people who feel their dogs are a part of their family feels.
    He can’t.
    And if he’s saying I need to read the Bible in order to rid myself of this emotional attachment to these dogs..
    not buying it.

  40. My family dog died 6 months ago so now for me its up in the air. But i probably save a stranger non the less.i loved our dog but human life is just if not more important. Ill let God instruct me if the time comes

  41. We all know the pecking order in nature:


    I agree with it. What I don’t like is being judged on something that may or may not happen under circumstances no one knows about. It’s fucking ridiculous.

  42. Stewardship of the animals; I am responsible for my dog. I am not responsible for the actions of other humans; they have a brain, they can engineer their own extrication from peril.

    I don’t expect assistance from anyone else when I’m in the jackpot; I am trained to help myself, and my confederates expect that as well.

  43. Never, NEVER jump in the water to “save” a drowner unless you are trained and equipped. They will push you under for one more breath. Throw them something that floats, preferably with a rope attached. The Dog you can rescue and let him float with you. You will get scratched, but not killed.

    Kobyashi-Maru on you Dennis. The world is never that simple.

  44. Oh boy! I have a dog and a cat. I love them both.

    But, people were created in the image of God. Animals were not.

    With that said, I agree with MJA, it’s a stupid premise. I guess I would try to save both…..

  45. I am certain that I would be saving the human. My dog is certainly brilliant enough that he would avoid the life threatening situation to begin with.

  46. OK I’ll take a shot at this.
    Would you save your child, or a stranger’s?
    Would you save your youngest, or an older child?
    Would you save your wife or a stranger’s?
    Would you save yourself or a stranger?
    Would you save your cat, or your dog?
    Would you save a bunny or a pit viper?
    Would you save Ginger or Maryanne?
    Ned Flanders or Homer Simpson?

    Bonus question:
    Imelda, Evita or Cankles?

  47. MJA,
    Exactly what Prager was likely trying to get across, while using a “set up scenario” rather than explaining how far from the previous accepted wisdom we have strayed.

  48. I believe I would mow down a crowd to save my Angus.
    Not because I value my friend more than the life of some people, but because Angus has put his complete trust in me and life would not be worth living if I let him down

  49. I’d like to offer up my neighbor’s two mentally ill, perpetually annoying dogs to be sacrificed for any scenario you want to present here. After that, the choice would be simple. You’d save Hitler before these two obnoxiously untrainable creatures.

  50. I’ve come to realize that 25 years ago I would have answered this question much differently.
    I’ve changed because I’ve seen too many things.

    I don’t think the world is worse because people would rather save their pets. The world is worse because too many people are more savage than animals.

    Prager is implying that he’s put his finger on the problem… the world is a mess because too many people would rather save their pets.

    I don’t get offended easily, but I am offended by the other implication, and it’s way off.

    Evil people and serial killers grew up torturing animals, not “saving their animals instead of people.”

  51. This is one of those “depends on the circumstances” questions. Depends on who the person is (child, adult, old person, ethnicity (yes, even that), etc.) and which dog it is. I’ve only had one dog I would even consider saving over another human being, and a couple that weren’t worth the powder to blow them to Hell (although technically they were picked out by my ex-wife and my daughter, respectively). However, I was raised to value a person’s life over any other species, and that’s the direction I tend to lean toward. I’ve actually known a couple of individuals who told me they preferred the company of animals over that of people, but it was usually because they had been mistreated or neglected in their younger years.

    As the saying goes, we are what we were when.

  52. Right after my wife, my tripawd terrier is my BFF. Fuck with him and I will hurt you. Yes, pup first, then stranger, no apologies.

  53. I’m always going to put a human life over the life of an animal, even if that human is worse than an animal, unless that human is trying to harm my grandkids, kids, husband or myself.

    There are people that have passed through my life, including in-laws and family that I have said I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire, but I would hope if put in that situation I would help them.

  54. It is indeed situational. People are the priority with God and people have dominion as well as stewardship over animals. Yet, there are some people and animals not worth the effort to put them out if they were on fire. That’s why if I had to make a choice, I would rely on my faith in God, and do my best to follow his direction.

  55. Would you save your child, or a stranger’s? (I’d save my child)
    Would you save your youngest, or an older child? (I wouldn’t be able to choose I don’t think and would hope to be able to save both, hope to never be in that situation)
    Would you save your wife or a stranger’s? (Don’t have a wife, but like my child I’d save my husband)
    Would you save yourself or a stranger? (Not sure what situation I would be in to make that choice, if I was in a situation like the concert goers I hope I’d be as brave as many of them were)
    Would you save your cat, or your dog? (Dog, cats are a dime a dozen. lol Now I pissed off cat lovers)
    Would you save a bunny or a pit viper? (Don’t like either, so I’d shoot them both and eat the bunny)
    Would you save Ginger or Maryanne? (Maryanne, she could help you survive on a deserted island, Ginger would break a fingernail)

  56. Makes me wonder what Levin would say to all this. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Levin, but he does make some great points–succinctly and smoothly–AND he loves his dogs like there’s no tomorrow. He freaking LOVES those precious pooches. <3

  57. in 2008, we got two “free” dogs from the pound – a brother and sister who had managed to avoid the death penalty several times, because our local pound lady thought they could find a home…last halloween, the brother, zoose, disappeared and has never come home…my kids think i’m weird for believing some asshole killed my dog for a halloween costume, but i’m sorry, i know how evil people have become….

    so, couple months ago, zeena – zoose’s sister – comes down with some kind of vicious wounds around her neck…on a friday, of course, so we have to wait til monday to take her to a vet….got her to a vet monday morning…”there is a no-call non-emergency fee” of $25, but that might be waived by the doctor….lol, fat chance…..

    doctor called me….says “these are some serious wounds” around zeena’s neck….i’m thinking, yeah i kinda knew that, that’s why she’s in your hospital….

    doctor calls again later….”as we’ve shaved her, these lesions have shown up all over her body”….damn…..this is not good……

    dog spent three nights in hospital, on iv antibiotics and iv feeding….they said MRSA…..

    well, eventually, we ended up with a bill totaling $1044.19, plus $35 a month for thyroid medication for the life of the dog…..BUT……

    no, he didn’t waive the “no-call non-emergency fee”….

    your dog is your responsibility….some random stranger is not your responsibility…..and nowadays, any random stranger is more likely to do you harm than good…..

    MY DOG before any random stranger, EVERY TIME…..

  58. tiger eyes…..

    exactly right….the choice is YOURS, not mr prager’s or anyone else’s…..if and when the time comes, mr prager’s opinion can go fly a kite…..thx…. 🙂

  59. In order to put this question into its proper perspective, all you have to do is reverse the situation: Ask yourself how you would feel if a stranger chose to save his dog’s life when he could have saved your child, or your wife, or your mother.

    That’ll give you paws for thought.

  60. Great point Vietvet. How vilified would a person be if they saved their dog and let some poor old lady or little kid die. And rightfully so.

  61. It was a rhetorical set of questions, posed to counterpoint Prager’s.
    There are no answers correct under all circumstances.

    Except for the bonus question.
    I can think of no situation that would justify saving Cankles.


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