Denver Meterologist Ends 30 Year TV Career With Stupid Tweet

Greeley Tribune

Meteorologist Marty Coniglio, a staple of Denver TV weather for three decades, left 9News Friday, a day after he compared, on social media, federal law enforcement officers in U.S. cities to Nazis.

Coniglio, in a text message, confirmed his departure but said he would “not be able to talk about the situation for at least a week or so.”

Mark Cornetta, the station’s president and general manager, said in an email that “Marty is no longer employed by 9News.” He declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding his exit. More

24 Comments on Denver Meterologist Ends 30 Year TV Career With Stupid Tweet

  1. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was Always Go Out with Class. Ending a relationship, a job, graduating, mustering out…whatever, even if she keyed your Porsche.

    Looks like this shitweasel was out that day.

  2. Trying to think of the quote (Mark Twain? Will Rogers?), “It’s better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool, then to open it and remove all doubt.”

    For being an educated man, he shure don’t seem too literate.

  3. By and Large, whether men are not very high on the IQ scale. They are actually whether guessers, and are incorrect most of the time.

  4. He must have struggled to contain his stupidity for all those years. When he retired he finally got to release the DUMB!

  5. Having lived in the Denver metro area almost all of my life, I think I am qualified to say “na-na-na-na hey-hey-hey goodbye” whoever the **** you are

  6. I’m not sure when “weather man” became “meteorologist “, probably 50 years ago. They are not scientists, like the name implies, but entertainers. They only need to be just smart enough to read the NWS weather bulletins for their area, and repeat it on the air. This guy is a perfect example.

  7. Unfortunately, whoever replaces this dickhead won’t be any better at forecasting the weather.

  8. In other news, Marty Coniglio (actually means rabbit in Italian) was arrested at a truck stop parking lot for blowing domes in his Hyundai with an expired lic. plate.

  9. The guys an asshole and I suspect that he was on his way out (not by choice) before he tweeted. By the by, when he tweeted that image and the text he just ruined any chance of acting as an “expert” in any legal case or in any professional capacity. Hope he saved up a pile of retirement cash.

  10. As people here seem to know, Federal troops were sent in to stop the Democrat Brown Shirts (BLM and ANTIFA) from doing the same as their NAZI KKK-equivalent did in the 30’s in Germany.

    Where did Marty Coniglio learn his history? And why doesn’t he know Trump sent the Feds to stop the destruction, not to cause it? He doesn’t think that stopping hoodlums from causing harm is a bad thing, does he?

    Parents, if you can keep your kids home and teach them yourselves, instead of sending them back to the Democrat indoctrination centers, please do, for their sake as well as for our collective future.

  11. Oh goody! I get to drag this out again! My favorite weather man (Andy Wappler, RIP) and my favorite clown (J.P., RIP).

    (This is one of the reasons I still love Seattle. We go back a long ways. We watched J.P. over cereal before the bus came, and raced my sibs for the best spot in front of the tee vee to watch his after school show.)

  12. Make him grovel for his job, apologize 17 times, and donate money to the police union. That’s what liberals do, publicly shame, then monetize the outcome.


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