Denver Police Disperse Dirtbag Loser Children That Think It’s Cool To Stop Traffic

Denver Police Disperse Dirtbag Loser Children That Think It’s Cool To Stop Traffic

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  1. Seems like this new ‘entitled’ generation needs a lesson in common sense such as, don’t play on roads where there’s high speed traffic.

  2. This next generation are morons. I blame common core and public education. Obama built this with support from the DNC.

  3. Your mom was teasing when she go play on the freeway.
    If you want to protest feel free, you start blocking the freeway and people, not so much.
    Not everybody cares for your crisis.

  4. I don’t think paintballs are nearly a severe enough punishment! Why are we playing games with these morons? By running into a busy freeway they are jeopardizing innocent peoples lives. These people need to get hurt and to feel real pain! Bouncing a paintball off their ass isn’t going to teach them anything.

  5. Joe6pack,
    Ever been hit with a paintball pellet? They hurt! If you’re not wearing padded clothing, they can leave a welt (as well as the paint).
    But I’m thinking those may have been teargas pellets? (If there is such a thing?)

  6. Toxic, hell yes I’ve been hit by a paintball. You say, ouch, dammit, then you laugh it off. It’s a game.

  7. They need their asses ran over and those that survive need to be thrown in jail without bail.

    I’m trying real hard to support cops, but when I see them either allowing them to block highways or doing no more than shooting paint balls and rubber bullets at them, while arresting people for being in parks, opening their businesses, telling citizens they won’t protect them from the mobs and now arresting people for refusing to wear a mask, it’s making it really hard.
    I support those like the sheriff who said he would deputize gun owners and those who say they will not enforce mandatory masks, but the rest of them that go along with the left, they deserve whatever they get.

  8. Wow, I couldn’t believe they ran away that fast without more resistance to The Man. A handful of police cars and a few paintballs? No real resolve in the utes of today.
    Considering the gubmint of Denver and Colorado, they could have stayed and the paintballs would have been then worst they would have suffered.

  9. I still think tranquilizer guns are a good idea, makes them easy to arrest. Again take them to the revolving door at Trumps fence. See ya.

  10. I don’t believe those are paintballs. They look like paintballs, but I think they are pepperballs and stingballs.

    Which have a much thicker shell, are fired at higher velocity than a ‘tourney marker’ and contain either pepper powder or CS powder.

    Between the thicker skin and higher velocity, those bastids hurt. Pop someone in the eye, and say bye-bye to the eye. But the cops or corrections officers who are trained to fire them are trained to hit center mass, fortunately.

    And, yeah, hurt like a sumbich. Then you get the gas or the burning skin from the stuff inside the balls.

    Some of them even have dye mark powder in them.

    Still, best thing to do when these jerks block the road is to hit them with a snowplow, gunfire, or something else rather permanent.


    You do something knowing the risks.

    You are in the street, you are liable for damage to another person’s property, they are not liable for your injuries.

  12. We need a Crowd size solution like a Dye/RFID spraying Water cannon and Street level paint ball guns that shoot a High Visibility Non-Soluble DYE with RFID impregnated markers.

    Something that does not wear off such as High Visibility dye that does not scrub off for 7+ days impregnated with Hitachi’s super small micro RFID tracking chips 0.15mm v 0.15mm (0.005905512″).

    Then have police walk around with scanners, stop and question positive alerts. Record names and arrest those whose faces that come up on a facial recognition data base of rioters.

    At the least it would keep large radical groups off the streets for a few days after and initial spraying.

    Plus a new law requiring a mandatory 48 hour psychiatric hold for any one found placing their lives in danger (suicidal) by doing things like standing in heavy high speed traffic

  13. These are soft ass Kids, Who have have not only ever been Spanked, they’ve

    never even been spoken to harshly…Those Paintballs hurt Them both Physically,

    and Emotionally….It’s hilarious.

    Also take into effect this has on the Cops Morale…They finally get a little

    Payback..These actions should inspire the Police across the Nation.

  14. It past the time of using Air-soft Guns and Pepper Balls! They should be using Copper and Lead and rid the world of Marxists in the United States that will never ever be useful to society!

  15. Paintball for these guys? no. That’s for traffic a-holes and you fill those with battery acid first.

    These guys need a hollow point pellet filled with salt. Some penetration with a decent amount of attention-getting pain. Aim for the legs or butt though. Because I’m a fair and decent guy. That’s why.

    The other faster heavier hollow points are for molotov throwers.


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