Department of Injustice Overrules Local Political Decisions to Advance Islam


Moonbattery: If Bill Clinton was the first black president, Barack Hussein Obama is the first Muslim president. He has been abusing his power to assist the spread of Islam right down to the local level:

There was an application for a building permit in Pittsfield Township, Michigan (Population, 35,000). In 2011, the elected officials weighed this against their Zoning master plan, andunanimously rejected the request. The land was zoned “Residential” and only small-scale schools were within the scope of the zoning plan. All of these reasons for denial were consistent with the will of the people who elected those officials.

So, they get the pressure groups involved. Michigan Islamic Academy (that was the school) goes to CAIR, who pledged to get the DOJ involved.

The lawfare jihad outfit Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been repeatedly associated with Muslim terrorism. It has friends in the White House, who deploy the flying monkeys of the Department of Social Justice on its behalf.  more here

Oh, by the way-

Chicago: Muslim Pleads Guilty – Tried Taking Teen Siblings to Join ISIS

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  1. Well, it isn’t as though he didn’t warn us when he announced that he was “five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” seven years ago. We only have ourselves to blame.

  2. There was a hog’s head in the pork section of the Wal-Mart I was in, in Arkansas, the other day – may have shit like that in Michigan, too – could be put to use – along with some blood and chitlins.

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