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Dept. of Labor Looking to Be Gender Neutral

In a proposed rule, circulated yesterday, the Department of Labor is seeking to update the 2014 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act that funds job training.


The proposal will add gender identity as a basis for protection from discrimination while also removing the use of male and female pronouns.


Question: If the law can’t distinguish between male or female how does a person know that they’ve been gender discriminated by an employer?


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  1. Organizations must display posters in English and other versions in up to 10 different languages.

    Cooked. We are done. Fork us. Chinada has 2 languages and shit is on fire, how’s that going to work with diez languages in Vereinigt Estados of Amerik?

  2. Will the Labor Komissars bring suit against a consumer products company if it advertises job openings for tampon testers and says they’ll only consider pre-menopausal female applicants and also specifically exclude anybody with XY chromosomes?

    That would be fun to watch.

  3. What??? You mean there can be no more BoogyMAN? And no more StrawMAN? How is ObaMAMA going to construct an argument without them?

  4. “the 2014 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act”

    doesn’t that right there say it all?

    fiction writers have nothing on the people who name government programs and departments.

    “social security”
    “affordable care act”
    “no child left behind”
    “war on drugs”
    “common core”
    “environmental protection agency”
    “bureau of land management”
    “veterans affairs”
    “immigration reform”

    none of these titles actually reflect what they are about.

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