Deputy Pulls Off a “One in a Billion” Shot to Stop a Pair of Armed Robbers

In an amazing twist of fate, investigators discovered one of Marquez’s bullets inside the barrel of Meshesha’s pistol.

BA: On Wednesday, Arapahoe County prosecutors announced their determination that Deputy Jose Marquez acted appropriately when he exchanged gunfire with two attempted robbery suspects in Aurora, Colorado back in January.

On January 26, Marquez was visiting his girlfriend and had gone to the parking lot to get something out of his car. Two men with masks on their face approached him in the parking lot, one pulled a weapon and said “Give it up.”

Deputy Marquez, who was off duty and not in uniform, was shot in the shoulder and abdomen but managed to draw his own weapon and return fire at the suspects, ending the attack.  more

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  1. Good for the officer. Too bad Obama-son Jhalil was only wounded. Who the heck names their kid Jhalil anyway?

  2. So how do you get a bullet shoved into a steel tube that is .050 smaller in diameter. Sounds like one of those things that even after you see it, you don’t believe it.

  3. I can’t remember the guy’s name, but this is like our sniper that put his shot right thru the scope of an enemy sniper as he was about to take him out. They might have called him Dead Eye after that.

  4. At the museum in Gettysburg, they have a couple of displays of lead bullets meeting in midair and welding together. The fact that it happened and then somebody finding them is miraculous

  5. This guy obviously knows how to handle his weapon. That being said, I doubt his intended target was the bad guy’s muzzle. Either way, practice, practice, practice!

  6. I am delighted that Deputy Marquez was “cleared of any wrongdoing.”
    After all he was shot twice and returned fire. Very magnanimous of the prosecutors, I must say. OK the bullet thing was a freak accident. If it didn’t enter the barrel it probably would have hit Jhalil Meshesha and killed him. My question is, how come Meshesha’s
    homeboy accomplice was never picked up? That should be a no brainer, unless, of course, the homeboy had connections?
    Get well soon Deputy Marquez, count your Blessings.

  7. JohnS, not quite that simple. When you swage or burnish something it locked down tight. Can’t move. Once again Jack of all master of non. Also swaging is progressive. You don’t make .025 jumps in size on the radii.

  8. Geez. This story reminds me of the story about Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock shooting that VC sniper in the eye, right through his, or was it a her, rifle scope.

  9. Bad_Brad I’m pretty darn sure they did mix them up.

    They showed the chamber up close and yuo can see the lead traveled so quickly down the barrel, it’s all mashed around the chambered round’s bullet and shoved it back into the casing. Meaning – no swaging at all so it was definitely smaller than the bore.

    Plus, once you zoom in on the close up with the video stopped, you can tell it’s a fat .45apc and not a 40sw. Nothing else makes sense.

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