Derailment in LA Ditch Strewn with Stolen Amazon Boxes


Seventeen cars of a Union Pacific train derailed Saturday afternoon in Lincoln Heights, the same area which has recently seen rail car thefts.

Drone video showed the scene of the derailment near San Pablo Street and Valley Boulevard, which is expected to be blocked for some time.

The tracks were still surrounded and littered with empty boxes from companies like Amazon and UPS, left behind by cargo thieves. More

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  1. I’m sure president biden will send in the national guard and have the situation straightened out just any time now.

  2. They’re all here now and not doing smash and grabs anymore.
    These criminals are now cutting out the middle man.
    ya gotta admit, this is quite innovative of them. No hold-ups, or guns necessary, unless they’re down there and want something another criminal has stolen and they need to releave it from them.
    It’ll be interesting to see how the railroad, and local govs. decide to handle this issue. I’m sure they’ll get right to the bottom of it as they always do with anything they fix.

  3. This is entirely policy driven. Obama’s third term is determined to crash the US economy and throw all of us into poverty and famine. They’ve been dreaming of bringing back their glory days with another New Deal-enhanced depression since Eisenhower. Who are the insurrectionists?

    Democrats have been allowing states and local governments (and judges) to interfere in interstate commerce for decades (CARB and South Coast AQMD, Port of Oakland and Port of Vancouver are examples). It allows them to enforce their pet ideology-driven restrictions without having to resort to broadly unpopular congressional or administrative action.

    They can also count on private sector operatives doing much of the damage. BlackRock is leading the way in that sector, but there are plenty of boards of directors and executives competing to be the wokest and most compliant. These people know what the endgame is and they are fine with it. The stockholders are mostly clueless, as most people have no idea where their money is invested.

  4. Easy Fix.. Shoot the Thieves on site and live their corpes right where they lye as a warning to others… Anyone trying to recover a former loved one should be shot so they can lye beside them!


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