DeRaycist McKesson Just a Few Votes Ahead of Me In Our Baltimore Mayoral Race

I’m not actually running, but I’m only a few votes behind DeRay McKesson in the Baltimore mayoral race.

Stink Progress reporting:

A new Baltimore Sun poll of likely voters in the city’s upcoming Democratic mayoral primary shows 30-year-old Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson with less than one percent support, way behind leading candidates Democratic State Sen. Catherine E. Pugh (26 percent support) and former Mayor Sheila Dixon (24 percent).

That’s surprising news for users of Twitter, a platform where Mckesson has more than 300,000 followers and is one of the 10 people followed by Beyonce. And his popularity isn’t limited to the internet. Last month Mckesson met with President Obama. Afterwards, the president praised Mckesson, saying he’s done “outstanding work mobilizing in Baltimore” around issues connected with police violence that roiled the city in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death at the hands of officers. Mckesson’s online fundraising is being handled by Revolution Messaging, a firm that’s also working on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

4 Comments on DeRaycist McKesson Just a Few Votes Ahead of Me In Our Baltimore Mayoral Race

  1. DeRay is openly gay. That doesn’t play real well in the hood, he should’ve kept it on the down low like Barry.

  2. In 2008 Dixon got indicted on twelve charges including fraud, theft, perjury, and misconduct, yet she’s running for office again and polling at 24%.

    DeRay must not have sucked the right d!ck. lHe hits all the politically correct cylinders–black, gay, democrat, social justice warrior, islam apologist.

    He should be a shoe-in. Then again, it’s still early.

    Baltimore gets what it deserves.

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