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Dershowitz Offers Rittenhouse His Research On CNN Slander

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On Friday evening, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz offered his own personal research of CNN’s slanderous coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse so the 18-year old can pursue legal action against them. More

10 Comments on Dershowitz Offers Rittenhouse His Research On CNN Slander

  1. tsunami,
    As far as I have seen, Mr Dershowitz is a liberal, but a Classic Liberal. Yes, he believes in many of the liberal goals concerning “equality” and “social safety nets”, but he’ll talk and discuss with you instead of just ranting “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”.
    So, if Dershowitz is offering assistance to Rittenhouse, then Rittenhouse needs to accept it in all graciousness.

  2. Also remember Dershowitz got a good dose of leftist medicine when he went against them, so he’s no longer on their island.

  3. Heh, if I were in a position to sue the pants off of the liberal media, and get help from another liberal, who cares as long as I win? Can’t be that bad ass of a lawyer if he’s willing to help the kid out. BTW, if Dershowitz is for safety nets, then Rittenhouse is the perfect guy to help.

  4. President Elect Toxic Yada Yada… I agree with your assessment of Dershowitz.
    I think the one to stay away from is Lin Wood.

  5. Dershowitz petitioned President Trump to commute the sentence of a violent international drug smuggler, dont trust him for shit!

  6. If CNN/MSNBC/WaPo/NYTimes clean up their act how will young white crime victims make their fortunes before they’re 20?


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