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As a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, until Sunday, I had a grudging admiration of DeSean Jackson, especially his walk off punt return touchdown punctuating 2010’s Miracle at the New Meadowlands against the Giants. As a speedy wideout and punt returner, Jackson’s job is to use that speed to elude defenders and get behind secondary coverage in order to stretch defenses across the NFL.  With his Instagram post talking about how the Jews know that blacks are the real Children of Israel and are deceiving them in a plot to control America, he did it again off the field to the NFL and sports in its entirety.  Their sedate response to what he said clearly shows that the industry’s image management policies have destroyed the notion that every sports athlete, coach, commentator, or executive has an equal right to speak his mind.

Sports is downstream from culture

Growing up Jewish, I’ve been used to rolling my eyes and ignoring various entertainment and sports figures who express some form of antipathy toward our religion or people.  It was a little weird when Marge Schott, the elderly owner of the Cincinnati Reds, said in 1996 that Hitler “was good in the beginning, but then he went too far.”  As a result of this and previous comments calling black people n——, she was suspended for two years and eventually forced to sell her controlling interest in the Reds.

I generally have taken the attitude that overreacting to hostile statements, even ones that are blatantly defamatory, is not the best way to defeat racism.  As such, when there were calls in the 2000s to yank Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ from theaters, I felt that it would be better to let the film appear and let audiences decide.  The ADL and other busybodies demonstrated and raged against it, and to confirm my hypothesis, it was a smash hit and the highest grossing R-rated film in U.S. box office history.  Due to this and several incidents such as a drunken anti-Jewish rant to a police officer, Gibson has become a pariah in some circles.  Winona Ryder accused him of asking her if she’s an “oven-dodger” (in reference to Auschwitz) during an encounter in the 1990s.  But Gibson’s career has recovered since the 200s, and the consequences he faced are an anomaly:

  • Rapper Ice Cube already in 1991 was asked about anti-Jewish lyrics in his song “No Vaseline” against former manager Jerry Heller, and he acknowledged when asked that it would be pretty dumb to do the things his lyrics advocate for.
  • More recently, actor John Cusack tweeted an image of a hand with a Star of David crushing a group of people with the caption “to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”  He would defend the tweet and then claim that it was a bot.

What about repercussions for Ice Cube?  He has starred in many high-grossing Hollywood feature films like Friday and Barbershop and had a family sitcom on TBS for three years.  In 2015, he produced the film Straight Outta Compton about his former group NWA that included a derogatory portrayal of Heller.  Like Passion of the Christ, his film was a massive hit, this time without a wave of protest.  Prior to Jackson’s saga, Ice Cube defended anti-Jewish hate preacher Louis Farrakhan from criticism by CNN’s Jake Tapper.  Displaying blatantly anti-Jewish opinions holds no penalty if you are in the correct industry.  Thanks to the sophist standards of elitist Hollywood executives, many themselves Jewish but spineless, people like Ice Cube who express unabashed Jew-hatred are able to live it up in the lap of luxury.

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  1. DeSean was so exciting to watch at Cal. He would catch the punt, weave back and forth looking for the opening, and then was suddenly streaking toward the end zone. But his character has long been suspect. Hard to root for him any more, or Beast Mode (Marshawn Lynch), another Cal great whose ethics are not admirable.

  2. An “oven-dodger”? Really?!?!?!
    Just shut up and play football!

    OK… Foist – Pop quiz time:
    Q: Whut do Monica Lewinski and Colin Kaepernick have in common?
    A: No one knew who either one wuz until they got on their knees!

    The MFL truly needs a serious-ass examination…. in other woids, they need a Colin-Oscopy! There are some mighty large heads in the league that need to be removed from a really dark and smelly place!

    Only in America can people check their Food Stamp balance on a $900 dollar phone and complain about “Oppression”! How ’bout: Go to Hell MFL!
    Now let’s enjoy our Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays by doing something nice and fergit about watching a bunch of over-paid, uneducated, uninformed, worthless, dope-smoking, self-absorbed, celebrity-obsessed, no morals, crotch-grabbing, leg-lifting, dog-peeing, End-Zone-humping, Voo-Doo-Dancing, gang-sign flashing, Black Power fisting, Kool-Aid drinking, short attention span, hashtag opportunistic door-knobs and nasty-haired prima-donna thugs who are only too happy to bite the hand that feeds them by kneeling to our flag and National Anthem while telling White America to go fuck themselves… without repercussions! I’m sick & tired of it!!
    #defund the MFL!

  3. Get woke, go broke. Coming to major sports league soon. If the NFL allows players to kneel and plays the “black national anthem”, them I’m not their target consumer. The NBA wants to paint Black Lives Matter on the courtside as well as letting players put other names on their uniforms that “honor” black supposed victims. Same thing, I’m not their target audience. Goodbye.

    No, just bye.

  4. DAN
    Best american footballer from the Bears in 65 years – by far – Joe Kapp. Went to 3 Super Bowls with a fair team. Never won.
    Bad Bearcoach!

    JPe ama 32 almost wannabes lost a bad Rose Bowl game. In which had the PCC not been run by a buch of greedy Marxists, Cal would not have been in in the first place. Joe never gave up!

    Les Richter was better but long before I think your parents were born! And over than recruiting he did little for Cal after he left.

  5. What comes first; the hate or the insanity?
    Multi-millionaires with a ticket for life
    and they have to piss it down the drain so
    they can vent at their imaginary enemies.

  6. @Jarhead – I was there 1982-86, during the Kapp years. First year was mediocre but then The Play happened. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a ticket but listened to it on the radio. Next year they really did well, the games they lost were to ranked teams and they had an amazing game against #2 Arizona, down 17 and came back to tie at the end. I went to most of the games that year.
    Kapp could coach but he couldn’t recruit, teams got worse each year after that.

  7. Can we go back to ” the Jews know that blacks are the real Children of Israel and are deceiving them in a plot to control America”…

    He just tosses it out there like no one wants to learn more.

  8. For me, the NBA is dead and the NFL is just waiting for somebody to pull the plug. And much like when Ho’wood produces films that no one wants to see, the sports leagues will blame their fans. Fuck ’em.

  9. ^^^^ don’t wait for someone else … do it yourself ^^^^

    you’ll be empowered

    haven’t watched the NBA since Jordan retired & assholes like Mark Cuban took over … haven’t watched the NFL since ’16 (& I go back to Johnny U & the Baltimore Colts)

  10. Grown men in leggings getting paid millions of dollars.
    Beat up women, animals, shoot people, do drugs and they rarely go to jail.

  11. Imagine. The dream job of being a sports reporter disappears through no fault of your own. Sport has disappeared up its own asshole. Poof. Bye.

  12. ^^^^ correction: PROFESSIONAL sports has disappeared up its own asshole ^^^^
    poor kids will always play outdoor games … it’s all they have for amusement

  13. If Jews control America….. do Unitarians control Canada?

    You can’t drop one bombshell and not expect to people to ask which religion controls what nation.

    5 bucks says the Mormons control Japan. Look at it. An entire country as clean as the Tabernacle Choir? C’mon. Something’s going on there.

  14. No group/race/category should be free from criticism – or else it should be a crime to criticize all groups/races/categories. So-called “hate crimes” are in fact thought crimes.

  15. NFL dead due to kneeling, NBA dead due to grotesque stupidity, MLB dead due to embrace of BLM, the NHL is the only one left standing but I’m sure they’ll join the club soon enough. This BS has destroyed my love of sports and I used to be a rabid fan.

  16. Athletic, but with only rudimentary brain activity.
    For those that crave watching these animals play a game, fine, keep him in a cage and only release him while on the football field.
    Personally, I don’t watch moves with people I can’t stand and the same goes for sports. By continuing to watch you’re providing support.


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