Desperate: Biden grasps for Gretchen Whitmer as potential running mate

American Thinker:

He’s desperate.

Faced with a slew of baggage-laden female black candidates for his running mate, each of whom could drag his ticket down, Joe Biden is reaching out and around the vaunted race box to consider Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, as his running mate.

According to the Detroit News:

Lansing — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer traveled to Delaware last weekend to meet with Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s first known in-person session with a potential running mate as he nears a decision, according to the Associated Press.

Whitmer, who is a national co-chairwoman for Biden’s campaign, visited the former vice president last Sunday, according to two high-ranking Michigan Democrats who spoke on the condition of anonymity to the AP because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. The first-term governor of the battleground state has long been on his shortlist of possible running mates.

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32 Comments on Desperate: Biden grasps for Gretchen Whitmer as potential running mate

  1. We ALL know she’s proficient at and willing to kill. So that clears the biggest hurdle for the Demons calling the shots.

  2. Arrgh! If he doesn’t pick her, the vengeful bitch will take it out on us here in MI.
    If he does pick her and the demon rats steal the election, they will pull Joe and that putrid c**t becomes president.
    From there, she will take all of her issues out on the nation.

  3. Let’s face it… Joe ain’t pickin anybody!!
    The democRAT Politburo is doing that job.
    2020 will go down in History as the year democRATz tried to rape the shit out of America using a grinning imbecile as a dick!

  4. I can’t believe the democrats have let themselves get so far down this political shithole. Hubert Humphrey would look good today. If Biden gets in he will screw things up soooo bad that the next candidate will probably be named adolf…..

  5. “I can’t believe the democrats have let themselves get so far down this political shithole.”

    The Democrats actually think they are becoming wildly popular among the average voter by doing this sort of thing.

    Are they?

    We’ll know in a few months, and I’m sure they will gracefully accept the results no matter which way it goes.

  6. She still has theaters shut down.
    We could just beam a movie off her forehead. They could probably view it from the space station.

  7. Dementia Joe and Doctor Jill can’t select a lean and hungry looking White Colored Woman to be his Vice Presidential running mate. They cannot pick someone too ambitious or really smart, because they will soon be plotting to expose Joey’s mental incompetence and cognitive incontinence. The Twenty-fifth Amendment on Presidential Disability and Succession was written for Dementia Joe Obiden Bama. Love watching this self inflicted Dementiacrat Dilemma though.

  8. You’re right. The upper half of her face is all forehead. The lower half is all foreskin. But they love her in DETROIT.

  9. I pretty sure Biden will not be the candidate for the Dems. He’s not well and it’s obvious. There’s no more hiding it. He’s a train wreck. Someone else will replace him at the 11th hour in a last attempt to excite the base.

  10. I was just in Upper Michigan a couple of days ago. I saw lots of TRUMP signs and NO Biden signs.

  11. Picking her would mean he could use her forehead as a teleprompter thus pocketing the money budgeted in true Biden fashion

  12. Hillezelbub will be picking the VP and it will be Manchelle…

    These crime bosses will push Joe and his wife Joe to the wolves in their panic to protect themselves from prosecution.

    Joe was, is, and always has been an expendable dumbass. He is a flaming kamikaze about to hit the deck of his own carrier the USS DNC.

    This man is so stupid and senile we could only pray he would be their nominee but it just ain’t gonna happen.

    The Lizard Queen will get her precious and then be run over again by the Trump train.


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