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Desperation Time As Democrats Seek to Stop Trump From Succeeding


It’s panic time as the liberals struggle to halt the winning streak of President Donald Trump (Yeah, President Donald Trump – get used to it!). It’s tacky, petty, and pathetic, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from the kind of people who shamelessly backed Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit while screeching “#MeToo!”

Hypocrisy, thy name is “Liberal.”

Remember back in the day when Democrats were supposed to be the friends and protectors of oppressed minorities who stood up for their rights out of basic decency and courage? Me neither – the Party of Bull Connor was never really concerned about any minority, just about creating client voter groups they could pillage for money and ballots.

Well, now the Democrats are holding up the confirmation of Ric Grennell as ambassador to Germany. Luckily, Germany is not an important country going through a political crisis right now. Phew!

So, why are the Dems eager to ensure this vital post remains unoccupied? Because Ric is openly gay and a hardcore conservative. His track record at the U.N. as a U.S. spokesman beating the foreigners into line is terrific, and he went to all the fancy schools that normally make the pinkos squee, but the Democrats just can’t let Trump nominate an openly gay, pro-military conservative to a very high position in the government. That would be another blow to the lie the Dems have been telling their clients for decades about how the Republicans are evil monsters of terror. The narrative must be maintained!  read more

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  1. The Party that names public schools in honor of the most virulent racist/segregationist man to ever hold the office of President of the United States

  2. A year from now we will be amazed at how popular Trump is and what has been accomplished. Libs will be walking around in a daze – but many will appreciate ‘what happened.’

  3. And with a distinguished show such as CNN’s Rubber Room, they’ll have a stage. Bryan Lanza telling the blank space anchors that ‘Rats don’t view Americans as dreamers halted the show.

  4. Trump sent a lot of veiled messages to the demorats last night. Among them was specifically mentioning MS13 by name (he left out a lot of other savage gangs), bringing the ICE Agent CJ, and the victim families of the children murdered by MS13. He wants the country to know who they are and to pay attention. Its not just that MS13 is a street gang of murdering, knuckle dragging, raping savages. Anyone who lives on Long Island knows how vicious these savages are, but a lot of Americans have never really heard of them.

    But the real reason the rats are so upset over him mentioning them is because they are the street soldiers working for the demorat bosses, especially in NY and on Long Island. They are not just a street gang, they are major league Organized Crime drug, gun, and child prostitution runners in business and funding the demorat party.

    Just like the FISA Memo will shock America, the corruption at DOJ and the FBI, nobody had a clue or ever imagined how dirty these bastards are and the truth will be equally shocking when the scandal eventually breaks showing MS13 leaders were routinely meeting with, dealing drugs, carrying out violence for, and paying off major demorat figures.

    The truth will come out and Trump already knows the deal. Just like Haiti, he wants Americans talking about these savages on their own before the shit hits the fan.

  5. When you’re blue and realize you don’t have a clue, here’s what to do:
    Pop that books on tape of Obama’s Most Articulate Speeches into the player, that’ll fix ya.

  6. Jeff Foxworthy should do a series on ‘when you are winning’.
    If the Left is in a snit 24/7: I’d call that winning
    If politicized Hollywood award shows tank in the ratings: I’d call that winning
    When Nancy Pelosi has a longer face than Kerry’s: I’d call that winning
    When you can make CNN say Sh*thole 100 times:I’d call that winning
    When all your nicknames for your enemies stick: I’d call that winning

  7. I think it’s funny how the DNC is nearly bankrupt. Proves that the celebritards, late night “comedy” Trump Bashers, and other big money libs aren’t putting their money where their mouth is. Of course we can all guess what they do with their mouths when they aren’t busy bashing Trump or participating in their perpetual circle jerk.

  8. @A suggestion to democrats and other leftists: You reminded me of those old song lyrics –

    “If you’re blue and you don’t know where to SOTU
    Why don’t you go where Democrats sits
    and Nancy’s havin’ fits.”


  9. After spending 8 years torpedoing America, no wonder the donkeys are upset by Trump’s successes. But not as upset as Americans are becoming towards the donkeys.

  10. Did you see where MSNBC racist, Joy Reid, said nobody ever heard of MS-13 except Fox News viewers. Yep, and that’s how the Donks want it.

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