Despicable Daily Mail Ridicules Actor Doing Honest Hard Work as a Cashier at Trader Joe’s

A guy who had a recurring role for the last 8 years of the Cosby Show, playing the son-in-law named Elvin Tibideaux, was seen working as a cashier in Clifton, New Jersey.

Geoffrey Owens has committed the sin, I guess, of working hard and not being a rich guy living in Malibu. Maybe he should be on the public dole even though he’s capable of not being a parasite?

The Daily Mail went out of their way to post pictures, saying his shirt was dirty and he’s heavier now than when he was on the primetime show.


What’s the point of doing this? To fat shame the guy? Or is it supposed to make people feel better about their lives? Or was it an opportunity to spotlight the same sex lesbian couple who provided The Daily Mail with their exclusive?

Karma Lawrence was her name.

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  1. I know. I saw that article yesterday and I thought – what a bunch of @ssholes to try and humiliate the guy in front of the whole world. Those people would benefit from a good blanket party.

  2. It’d be a shame if Trump reached out to the guy. Wouldn’t it, lefties? After all that work-shaming. But you just couldn’t leave the guy alone, could you? Don’t be shocked when you see him shaking Trump’s hand next week.

  3. Why is the Dail Mail doing this to someone with an actual job?
    Not enough balding trannies in bikinis news going on in England?
    Maybe there’s a muslim stabbing someone in the street or running people down with a truck or something?

  4. Da black mans should be on welfare sellin dope and tryin to bees a rap star. You know a democrat. Not earnin an honest paycheck.

  5. When you provide a news outlet with your mean-spirited tip and your name is Karma Lawrence, you just might be poking the karma bear.

  6. British media is filled with child raping pedophiles, the highest level of scumbags in the BBC, as evidenced as a result of the Jimmy Scumbag Saville case and the deaths that followed of those few that dared to report about it. Wgaf what the child raping pedophiles in the media say about anyone or anything??

  7. ^ Exactly, BFH. In fact, I thought instant karma may have already gotten to her when I read the last line of your post that her name “was” Karma Lawrence.

  8. Collateral damage from the Cosby show! Kinda sad for the guy but proud as hell of him too. 1000X the person as the shutterbug.

  9. The guy is doing an honest job and he’s working. Kudos to him. And fuck all y’all who ridicule him.

  10. By now, there are a whole bunch of people who want to know where Karma collects a paycheck. Weren’t thinking about that when you sicced the mob on Geoffrey, were you, sweetie?

  11. Karma & Karnisha just wanted to tell the world that they shop “bunch of groceries” at a Trader Joe’s.

    Had they been of any other color and sex orientation Black Twitter would be having a field day calling them “racist Trumpers”.

  12. Give 100s of thousands of insufferable dolts smart phones… now with voice command.. so with little effort they can easily “expose” their “lessors” to public ridicule.
    What could possibly be the outcome of that?
    Cue Carvey’s church lady.

  13. The guy is out there doing his best in circumstances he would rather not be in but is holding his own and these scum ridicule him?
    Another example of why these scum are so detestable.

  14. He’s an actor. He’s doing research for a role. He doesn’t actually work for Trader Joes.

    It’s just like that time Tom Cruise was caught packing fudge. Obviously Tom doesn’t need to work for a fudge company as it’s chief packer. So he’s not a fudge packer. Just like this guy isn’t a grocery clerk. Case closed.

  15. They say that between roles Ben Affleck gets drunk.
    Between roles this guy works at wherever he can work.
    The Daily Mail makes fun of this guy but will tout Affleck as
    leftist politician material.

  16. I looked up his bio on IMD.
    He has had a lot of recent roles so it may be research.
    Here is the real clincher. He is son of the late former Congressman Major Owens (sharks still circling the slave routes).
    See clip I first saw when Rush had his television show.

  17. I could be wrong but it appears Fox, who also ran this douchebaggery, has taken down and disabled comments.

    I commented and so did hundreds of others, almost all against the piece of garbage article. Went away from the computer and came back to see it all gone (I think?). Would have been nice to see them bow out gracefully by admitting they shouldn’t have participated in shaming someone, but instead they dig in and only get rid of comments.

  18. Guy actually has the nerve to go out and get a job vs. being a typical Hollywood washout that OD’s on drugs.

  19. Consider who his dad was (see earlier link of his dad, Major Owens), I’m not buying that he really is working at Trader Joe’s.
    He is listed as having a half million dollars net worth- not high by actors’ standards, but not poverty level.

    Link of his dad again.

  20. The fat shaming is unesscessary, given that most Americans of his generation are not svelte when they become seniors. Besides he’s always been a bit plump.
    Also, a black man working should be celebrated, not ridiculed – especially by a so called black woman. Good for him – role research or not.
    Out and proud deviant, aka “Karma” is going to reap what she sews. Let’s see how far that “marriage” lasts, since most lesbian relationships don’t last longer than a fart in a wind storm. Hope someone publicly shares all the details of their failed coupling.

  21. So, I was going to tell this story early in the thread, but pulled up because it might not be 100% relevant. I was born in 56 and just love watching those old westerns. Right and wrong were black and white, right down to the horses and the hats. Drives my wife freaken nuts. Can’t help it. Who remember the TV series based off the John Wayne movie Hondo. Starring Ralph Taeger. Ralph Taeger has personally delivered fire wood to me several years in the middle of winter with the rain blowing sideways. After his Hondo series crashed and burned he couldn’t find work anywhere in Hollywood. So he said screw it and moved way up north back in the day to El Dorado county and started a firewood business. It may not be the toughest job ever invented but it’s got to be close. He was still married to the same Hollywood looker he married back in the day. She pretty bad ass too. I’ve picked up wood right from their lot on occasion and the trailer where you pay is where she sits complete with old pictures. She was a looker. Ralph packed it in several years ago, his bride and kids are still running the business. Some very tough people.


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