Despite Pentagon Objections, Fox News Will Air Interview With SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden


Hollywood Reporter–

Reports surfaced Friday that the man known as “The Shooter” could face a criminal investigation for speaking to the news media

Insiders at Fox News Channel said Friday that a two-day documentary featuring an interview with the Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden will air as scheduled despite objections from the Pentagon.

On Wednesday, Fox News announced that a show called The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden hosted by Washington correspondentPeter Doocy was scheduled for Nov. 11 and Nov. 12, but on Friday the Pentagon toldBusiness Insider that the SEALs and former SEALs who were participants do not have permission to discuss the classified 2011 mission.

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9 Comments on Despite Pentagon Objections, Fox News Will Air Interview With SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden

  1. Still don’t buy the story. No proof – body allegedly buried at sea. Too much of a wag the dog story so dipshit in chief could claim he did what GWB couldn’t do.
    We all know how he was photoshopped into the war room and not too well done at that.

  2. I have no interest in watching another interview with Barack Hussain Obama, The man who killed Bin Ladin, and saved GM, and remained cool during a disruption in Benghazi because of a vile video .
    I have better things to do.

  3. Why is it being aired a week after the election? If it is newsworthy it should be shown already. If it is not newsworthy why bother.

  4. We never did see the body of Bin Laden. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t dead. This administration actually had the right idea by throwing this turd in the sea so as not to create a memorial site. But they should have shown pictures of the dead shitbag and not given him some Islam funeral. I’m not sure they did give him an islamic funeral but might have said they did for pr purposes. I would want to rub their nose in it. This whole interview with the “shooter” strikes me as odd because most special ops guys are not seeking limelight.

  5. After our military made Bin-Laden a “good moslem” (i.e. the only good Moslem is a dead Moslem), President Ebola and VP Greezy Joe Biden revealed intelligence sources, means & methods and did a huge Me Me Me victory lap spike the ball chest beating display. Yet the Mainstream Media didnt call them out for it nor did Ebola or Biden get even a slap on the wrist.

    Now someone who has a legitimate right to do an interview on his part in the Making Good Of Bin-Laden is being threatened by our asslicking pussies inthe Pentagon? FUCK ‘EM! I’m sure they’re threatening the SEAL because they know that the Kenyan / Indonesian Communist Moslem-In-Chief can’t stand sharing the spotlight with anybody, no matter how deserving they are.

  6. I understand the need for confidentiality by the servicemen but, as the other commenters implied, we need more insight into what happened.

    Why were almost all of the Seals involved in this mission killed in that rocket attack in their helicopter? Biden leaked who did it in his victory lap and put a target on their back. I wish an investigation of this event got a tenth of the Ferguson coverage but that might get out the white vote too much for the media’s preference.

    We need to see the body. We spent trillions. It us not his call. Were the people in those towers buried in accord with their religious practices? No? Then why the fuck.

    Obama and his junta demand honor and silence from everyone but themselves. We are far beyond time for the military to stand against the author of the sequester who sends them to die in politically correct wars, fires their generals, replaces them with trannies, blocks them from their memorials, treats them like domestic terrorists, sends them to catch ebola, and hands them a pink slip and a waiting number at the VA when they return.

    But yea. Keep playing his game with his rules.

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