Destroying Property is Not Violence Says a Black Talking Head

But WORDS are violence.

This kool-aid hair-dye-job moron is just like every other leftist. They contradict their comrades, but no one says a word.

Saying hurtful things is a violent act, but having your business burned to the ground is something else altogether. It’s tranquility.


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  1. She’s right. It’s a criminal act. Lock them up.

    Oh, that’s right, ‘justice’ only works against the law abiding. Criminal thugs can do as they wish.

    Give them a road map to the elitists homes where there is much better stuff, like expensive freezers with elitist ice cream.

  2. Wait what, with these retards? So, burning crosses on others property, is a o k ? Logic is so hard, they never think things through. Took me two seconds to think her comments through.
    So, according to her whites did nothing wrong, with hanging nooses, and cross burning, on others properties?
    I hate the fact, she degraded the acts of actual racists by those comments. CUNT.

  3. “which can be replaced”
    Really? How many life times
    does one get to make payments
    for 35 years twice ? Many of these
    people have never worked or saved for
    anything.Gubmint hand out is all they know.

  4. fukcing sideshow bob lookin’ dumbass….. one cannot make sense of their bullshiite because they don’t think about what they are saying. they just say it!

  5. Who did she let gang bang her both ways to get to where she is at because she’s obviously too stupid to get a job.

  6. If you’re hopelessly stupid and show no signs of sophisticated brain activity don’t lose hope, CBS is still hiring.

  7. The only way to effect a meaningful and heartfelt change in her attitude is for someone to burn her damn house to the ground. Then, maybe, she will get it.

  8. Destroying Property is Not Violence…..until they come to her house. Sad that someone could be that stupid.

  9. Nothing will fade a nations “Give a Damn” faster than over abusing the privilege.

  10. I suppose next the brain damaged racist ho will be telling us that mobs chasing people down in the streets and beating them are acts of love.

  11. From the author/contributor of the NYT 1619 Project.

    I expect nothing less from someone who’s forte is rewriting history, which btw, is now mandatory curriculum in K-12.

  12. She meant to say it’s not violence-violence. She should have first consulted Whoopi’s ‘Guide to Relative Morality.’

  13. Decades of Public School propaganda and a lack of teaching fundamentals and real History are coming to fruition!
    Back when it took TVs a whole minute to warm up, we played Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers, Army, had rubber Bowie knives, cap guns, toy bazookas, Buckeye fights, a ‘Race issue’ meant arguing about who ran the fastest, and played baseball in the park without adult supervision, but we always had respect for property, adults and the Police. Now Liberals have taken all that away and left us with Kids bringing real knives and guns to school, Kids having Kids, Kids killing Kids, Kids on drugs, Kids threatening teachers, Kids beating up teachers, etc. Where are they today? They’ve grown up and are wandering the streets destroying our cities completely brainwashed by a false ideology of ginned-up “victimhood”! This is the Progressive legacy of Decay, goaded on by the Bought & Paid For Media, enabled by democRATs and well financed by the Chinese.

  14. TRF and we played with Rat Finks as well back about 1965-66 or so and I still have some. And I didn’t turn out to be a miscreant or thug for being a free range kid in a time of freedom to be a kid and have fun. Fun has been been banished because of liability issues and no one taking personal responsibility for their actions.

  15. GTA – Yeah, I guess my point is that Common Sense has been removed from the equation and developing the skills to figure things out (instead of being sheilded from them) is a very important part of growing up!

  16. As long as she agrees it’s not violence to shoot the looters then we are getting somewhere

  17. TRF and GTA, yes. I grew up to respect everyone and especially my elders.

    Now I’m the elder.😳

  18. So am I, I’m an official geezer now. There’s nothing wrong with being an elder because I know more now than when I was a young knucklehead back then. I’m still not used to being called Sir though. TRF below as long as we don’t try to be in 2 place at once and not be anywhere at all or crush a dwarf with a pair of pliers. We’re getting to the point of playing Beat the reaper as well.

  19. People do not understand that property equals money equals time spent to get it equals someones life spent for that time. This is time that cannot be recovered. So in effect they have stolen someones life. This is why horse thieves and cattle rustling were capital offenses. Rioters, looters and shoplifters should be shot on sight.

  20. Why didn’t she publish her own address for the nonviolent protesters?
    What this is about is they want to be the ones to decide what violence is. So no justice for white people. The law isn’t blind for the pols and rich and certain people, it’s quite arbitrary and they are in charge.

  21. Shoveling shit against the tide. We all see what’s going on out there and it’s ridiculous. And they know it, that’s why they’re trying to convince you it’s not. I don’t think most of the media is buying their own crap, either.

  22. Meanwhile, Soros, Holder and Obama push for releasing “non-violent offenders”, while simultaneously seeking to reclassify some violent crimes as “non-violent”. As a result, swarms of GOOJ Freebirds are roaming the streets. Then the ChiCovid gives
    the Soros DAs and Mayors the perfect excuse to empty the jails of whatever criminal scum that remains. No doubt, Henna Jones is down with ALL of that.

    How many of these Soros/Obama/Holder jail-freebirds are taking antifa money and throwing antifa bricks? Maybe we should do some contact-tracing on these people.

  23. Its not Violence-violence
    And if you get beat down defending your property, you’re not Injured-injured
    You’re not Bleeding-bleeding
    You aren’t Hurt-hurt
    And if they disabled you for life its not Disabled-disabled, nor is it for Life-life
    And if you die you aren’t Dead-dead.

  24. English Lesson:
    It depends on who says it:
    Normal Person: Sticks and Stones..
    Leftist: Speech is Violence!
    Normal Person: Looting and burning is violent destruction
    Leftist: Looting and burning is not Violence, it is Peaceful Protesting!
    If an Anointed One says the sky is Green and the grass is blue: Do not fact check. They are expressing their truth, and it is racist to suggest otherwise.

  25. This idea that destroying property is not violent, and that policemen’s lives are more important than brick and mortar buildings (a la police stations) got me thinking about an interaction back in the mid 1970’s I had with a black manager I once worked for. I was helping him move a piece of office furniture, a credenza, and I warned him that we were going to hit the door jamb – to be careful – and his reply was “it doesn’t bleed.” I thought that was an odd reply at the time, but I now recognize it must be an inherent trait with these people.

  26. Sounds like someone who has no house because she rents, has no car because she takes public transportation.
    So of course the fruits of someone else’s labor mean nothing, having none of her own.

  27. @Thirdtwin
    JUNE 3, 2020 AT 10:11 AM
    “Meanwhile, Soros, Holder and Obama push for releasing “non-violent offenders”, while simultaneously seeking to reclassify some violent crimes as “non-violent”.

    Be sure to include Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in that group. Unfortunately.

  28. This red witch is a tool of anarchists and when her usefulness as a useful idiot is over, her Antifa masters will be treated her like property. She’ll then realize why property damage is a violent crime.


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