Deteriorating relations of citizens and Government over shutdowns

Americans for intelligence reform: Relations between authority and an increasing number of average citizens are deteriorating. Brad Johnson, President of Americans for Intelligence Reform and a retired CIA operations officer, provides insight into COVID restrictions as liberal overreach.

As protests from lock downs increase, people see the predicted death rates not materializing but economic hardship has. Cracks in the narrative provided by the liberal press, universities and Democrats widen and political motives become clear.

A cascade of past misdeeds such as CIA director John Brennan’s abuse of power will come to light. The left’s heavy handed response to Wuhan Flu is infuriating more and more people, causing push back and distrust and this will come back to haunt them in November. more here

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  1. Lord Acton observed in the 19th century that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,”

  2. Election Day isn’t until November. It’s early May. Damn. That’s a Long time. 6 months.
    Sorry. I can’t wait that long.

    Got tar. Need feathers.

  3. California is on the verge of revolt.
    Newsom’s lost control in the south, the valley and mountain regions are next.
    Newsom has no way to enforce his orders.

  4. I just happened upon the Americans for Intelligence Reform a couple of days ago. Thanks for posting this! Word should go out about them.

  5. I’ve never had much of a relationship with any government; city, state and especially federal.

    If TJ were here, he’d be revolting.

  6. How many angry comments have I composed and not posted?

    At least 4.

    Just like the rest of you. Tick tick tick.

  7. I received the following by email and by voice mail and by text message today:

    All of New Jersey remains under a State of Emergency and Public Health Emergency due to the spread of COVID-19.

    Please remember that XXXXX beaches and boardwalk are closed to all users. Social distancing is required to be practiced except with immediate family members, caretakers, household members or romantic partners. It is also recommended that people wear a cloth face covering while in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Gatherings of any kind are prohibited.

    Please do not place an unnecessary burden on our first responders by failing to comply with these very clear and simple guidelines.

  8. Hey, NJ Governor Murphy, pull that Salt Water Taffy out of your ass and realize you’re going to be the Ruler of Ruins if you keep this sh!t going.

    Spend more time looking for a redo of those dental implants and less time being Trenton’s tyrannical stooge.

  9. Sign carried by a protester at the Las Vegas rally: “My body, my choice.” That’s the spirit, throw the left’s slogans right back in their faces.

  10. I hate to be Debby Downer here….. BUT IT”S ABOUT FUKCING TIME!! WHAT! Did everyone want some time off? For the love of Pete!


    remember & make it count … make them pay!

    (hey! I’m gonna Trademark that)

  12. The wholesale release of violent felons and sex offenders is going to make Willie Horton look like a rank amateur. Democrat governors are going to rue the day that they pulled that stunt.

  13. people have died for our rights since 1776. Doesnt look like it will stop just yet

  14. Yes Al, it is good news.

    The unwashed masses (my preferred customer base) are throwing off the chains of something or other.

    Yeah, no violence or Molotov cocktails… but strength in numbers is always a really good start.

  15. @PHenry:

    Got tar. Need feathers.

    You probably have somebody more or less nearby with chickens. The owner will undoubtedly be happy for you to shovel up a couple of trash bags of chicken coop litter. Some of it will be chicken feathers. That the bulk of it will be chicken shit is ENTIRELY appropriate for your intended use.

  16. The left can’t fathom how much this Commievirus pandemic hoax and the upcoming second attempt at impeachment will cost them in November. President Trump is brilliant leaving states to thier own devices.
    Before November, while people in blue states are escaping “Stay in Fear” lockdowns, every Demwitocrat governor and mayor should be sued and procecuted for violating the First and Second Amendments.

  17. Governor Ducey here in Arizona extended our house arrest. He’s threatening jail time, removal of liquor licenses, and a 2500 dollar fine. He needs to insert a D in front of his name instead of an R.

    Then there’s our mayor, she wants us to wear masks everywhere we go at all times. I haven’t worn one since this whole fiasco started, and I’m not about to start now. Both of these jerk’s can pound sand.

  18. What this episode is going to expose just how many people would choose a life of safe captivity over a life of liberty that comes with risks attached.

  19. @JDHasty May 3, 2020 at 1:30 am

    > What this episode is going to expose just how many people would choose a life of safe captivity over a life of liberty that comes with risks attached.

    True. Sadly true. Any epiphanies about “general suffrage”, “magic dirt”, “stupidity is a human right”, were all banned at the door. We can’t ignore huge manatees in the room. We can’t put it on the table. We never brought it. We never will. Some people are just patriots.

  20. Dang!
    I wish they’d release some of them criminals up here in North Maine.
    I need something to shoot at.
    The only thing open to hunting is turkeys and coyotes.


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