Detroit-area mayor seeks ban on personal flamethrowers

flame thrower squirrel

“You know something like this will be used by bad people for bad things,” Fouts said, adding that he thought it was “unthinkable” such a device would be sold to the general public.

[Fox Atlanta] DETROIT (AP) – A suburban Detroit official is trying to extinguish the use of personal flamethrowers, which are being sold online by two Midwest companies, in his city.

The companies, located in the Detroit area and Cleveland, claim their devices can be used for recreation or to control weeds and insect hives, clear snow and ice, clear brush and start a bonfire.


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  1. The way certain detroit citizens react they should ban all flammable petroleum products, matches, lighters and glass bottles. They should pass a building code that requires all buildings to be built out of fire proof materials.

    OR just maybe the police and judiciary should do their job and enforce the laws.

  2. well devil’s night does get out of control in Detoilet. But that is not a reason to ban personal flame throwers. To take a quote from the gun lobby, flame throwers do not cause arson, arsonist cause arson.

  3. The lack of flamethrowers so far hasn’t prevented Detroit residents from starting plenty of fires.’

    Stupid politicians still think it’s about the tools and not about the violent and immoral people using them.

  4. Fouts said, adding that he thought it was “unthinkable” such a device would be sold to the general public.

    Note that when cops say “general public” they mean “you but not us.” He’s implying that his troops may well need to be equipped with flame throwers and he doesn’t want any interference from us.

  5. “The ordinance would provide an exemption for law enforcement officers, employees or members of the Armed Forces, firefighters or local, state or federal government officials who are on duty and acting within the scope of his or her employment. Other violators would face a misdemeanor charge that’s punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.”

    Socialism is a mental disorder. The city council FORBIDS the people who pay the city council? Only the employees of the taxpayers, not the taxpayers themselves, are “ALLOWED” to own one?

    How’s that work?

    Line up, Sheeple!
    We don’t need ovens, we got flame-throwers!

  6. Always been legal. So how many flame thrower crimes have you had so far?


    STFU with your oppression mindset.

    Of course now that it’s been brought to the forefront, some lame liberal will get one and show everyone he can’t be trusted with such freedoms.

    Shortcut: Liberalism must be eradicated.

  7. Good thing you can’t build your own using an ordinary garden sprayer. Maybe he should ban those too, just to be safe.

  8. Even the brightest and most experienced politician would be overwhelmed with Detroilet’s existing problems. Just how stupid is this air head to be worrying about something like this? Is he related to Hank Johnson who was worried about Guam tipping over?

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